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Abstract paintings by a previously unknown artist "Pierre Brassau" were exhibited at a gallery in Sweden, earning praise for his "powerful brushstrokes" and the "delicacy of a ballet dancer". None knew that Pierre Brassau was actually a 4 year old chimp from the local zoo.

During a 1964 hoax, a Swedish journalist exhibited paintings done by a chimpanzee under the name Pierre Brassau. The journalist was testing whether critics could tell the difference between true avant-garde modern artwork and a chimp's work. They could not, and in fact, praised the works

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  1. Pierre Brassau was a hoax artist who was actually a chimpanzee, perpetrated by Åke Axelsson. He gave the chimpanzee a brush and paint, and after a few works were created they were exhibited at an art gallery in Göteborg. Several critics praised "Pierre" as a talented artist and pioneer of art.

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