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Phil Knight, founder and CEO of Nike, got the idea of selling running shoes after writing a paper called "Can Japanese Sports Shoes Do to German Sports Shoes What Japanese Cameras Did to German Cameras?"

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The idea for a sneaker company came to Phil Knight while he was writing a paper in college. He hooked up with Onitsuka Tiger because he believed the Japanese-made shoes could compete with Puma and Adidas.

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  1. The Nike logo was designed by a Portland State University student named Carolyn Davidson. For her design she was paid $35. Phil Knight also gave her a Nike logo ring with a diamond and stock in an unknown amount in 1983.

  2. The original Nike logo was designed by Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student whose assistant professor was Phil Knight, Nike's founder. Davidson was asked by Knight to design a logo for his new shoe company. Davidson produced the iconic "Swoosh" and was paid $35.

  3. The first person that Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman hired was Jeff Johnson, the person who would suggest they use the name Nike. Knight wanted the name to be Dimension 6, but Johnson's name suggestion won out in the end.

  4. In 2013 Michelle appeared on the Dr. Phil show to share her ordeal.

  5. Caroline Davidson designed the Nike ‘swoosh’, perhaps the most recognizable logo of the 20th century. She was paid just $35 for her work. "Well, I don't love it," Phil Knight is reported to have said about the swoosh design at the time, "but maybe it will grow on me."

  6. Travis Knight of Liaka Studios (Kubo and the two strings) used his Father's money (Phil Knight of Nike) to take over Oscar winning animator Will Vinton's studio and force him out of his own company.

  7. Son of Nike CEO Phil Knight was the lead animator on The BoxTrolls, ParaNorman, and Coraline

  8. Travis Knight, lead animator and CEO of Laika and director of Kubo and the Two Strings, is the son of Phil Knight, founder and CEO of Nike

  9. Nike Co-Founder Phil Knight started his career distributing "Tiger" shoes that he found in Kobe, Japan. Two of his biggest signings ever later in his career coincidentally being Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant.

  10. The film studio Laika (Kubo and Coraline) is owned by the founder of Nike Phil Knight and run by his son Travis.

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In 1971, a graphic design student named Carolyn Davidson was paid $35 to create the Nike logo. The co-founder, Phil Knight, said "I don't love it, but I think it will grow on me." Knight later gave Davidson a golden Swoosh ring with a diamond and 500 shares of Nike stock to show his gratitude

Phil Knight (Nike CEO) is in the basketball Hall of fame. - source

The incredible story of Nike [Shoe Dog by Phil Knight] - source

Blue Ribbon Sports(now Nike) wanted a name-change in 1971, the nominated names included Dimension 6, Bengal, but Phil Knight ultimately had to go with the name "Nike" (the Greek Goddess of victory) nominated by employee Jeff Johnson which had "come to him in his dream".

Nike was originally going to be called 'Dimension 6' by founder Phil Knight - source

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Phil Knight wanted to name his first footwear product the Dimension 6. A salesperson suggested the name Nike instead, which stuck.

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Carolyn Davidson was paid $35 ($206 in 2015) for designing the Nike Swoosh logo in 1971. Nike co-founder Phil Knight said about the logo " "I don't love it,but I think it will grow on me."

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