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Egypt issued a passport to the mummy of Pharaoh Ramses II - listing his occupation as "King (deceased)"

how did ramses the great became pharaoh?

The Ancient Egyptian historian Manetho claimed that Moses was an Egyptian priest named Osarseph who led a colony of leper slaves and invited barbarians to destroy Egypt. After 13 years, the pharaoh Amenhotep and his son Ramses drive them out of Egypt. Osarseph then changes his name to Moses.

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  1. Ramses II is known as Egypt's greatest Pharaoh.

  2. In 1974 Egypt issued a passport to Pharaoh Ramses II. He died more than 3,000 years ago, but his mummified body needed a passport to fly to Paris for some repairs. On that special Egyptian passport, the pharaoh’s occupation was listed as "King (deceased)."

  3. When the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II defeated a nation, he would erect pillars in their land. To those who offered fierce resistance, he inscribed feats of might on the pillars. For those who offered little resistance, he drew vaginas.

  4. The 1st recorded strike in history took place in ancient Egypt on 14 Nov. 1152 BC when the artisans of the Royal Necropolis organised an uprising. The event, which took place under the rule of Pharaoh Ramses III, was recorded in detail on a papyrus that dates from that time.

  5. Ramses II's son Merneptah was born to Ramses II's wife Isetnofret. Merneptah would become the next Pharaoh to Egypt in 1213 BC when his father died. He was Ramses II's 13th son, and outlived all of them to claim the throne.

  6. In 1976 the mummy of Pharaoh Ramses II was issued an Egyptian passport for passage to France. His profession was listed as "King".

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