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On the set of "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" the stunt double for Milla Jovovich was so badly injured that her arm was amputated. Olivia Jackson had performed stunts in several hit films including Star Wars, Mad Max, Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

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When Vigoo Mortensen filmed his last scene in LOTR, the stunt crew all gathered together to perform a Haka as a farwell and sign of respect.

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  1. The scene in Terminator 2: Judgement Day where a helicopter flies under an overpass was not CGI, it was stunt performed by helicopter pilot Chuck Tamburro. The stunt was so dangerous that the film crew refused to film it, so James Cameron had to film the sequence himself.

  2. The scene in Kill Bill in which The Bride cut a thrown baseball in two with a sword was not done with special effects. Zoe Bell (Uma Thurman's stunt double) performed the trick live on set.

  3. Isla Fisher almost drowned during the filming of Now You See Me. Whilst performing an underwater stunt for the film she had to give the impression of being in distress but when Isla's chains became entangled for real, she began to genuinely panic and everyone thought it was just very good acting

  4. Bob Duffey, possibly the world's best, safest, and most unknown motorcycle stuntman, boasts a career of over 1200 jumps with only 3 crashes having "a record of perfection unequaled by anyone." At age 66, he still performs motorcycle stunts to this day.

  5. Viggo Mortensen was so loved and respected on the set of Lord of the Rings, on his last day of filming the stunt team from New Zealand performed a Haka in his honor.

  6. The infamous crocodile jump by James Bond in Live and Let Die was performed with real crocodiles. The only person willing to attempt the stunt was the owner of the croc farm. Writers named the film's villian after the owner - Kanaga.

  7. As a marketing and publicity stunt three copies of a John Otway single in 1979 were pressed without a vocal track. Purchasers of the 'instrumental' copies would 'win' a live performance of the song by Otway in their own living room, while they played the record on their home stereo.

  8. As Catwoman in Batman Returns, Michelle Pfeiffer performed almost all of her own stunts including martial arts, using a bullwhip, and letting a live bird fly out of her mouth.

  9. In Jackass' infancy, Saturday Night Live offered the cast to perform a weekly stunt on the show, but it was declined in favor of the standalone show

  10. Jackie Chan holds Guinness book of world records for most stunts performed by a living actor and most credits in one movie.

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Frank 'Cannonball' Richards, a vaudeville performer who was know in the 30's for having a seemingly indestructible belly. His most popular stunt was getting shot in the belly with a 104-lb cannonball. He limited this stunt to doing it 2 times a day because it was too painful even for him.

"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" was known as "It's a Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful Bonanza" by stuntmen in Hollywood because of the sheer number of stunts performed in the film. - source

Shetland Sheepdog can achieve great results at the competitions in agility, flyball, tracking and herding, and learn to perform various tricks and stunts.

Buster Keaton performed many dangerous stunts during his career. He carried out a stunt in the film Steamboat Bill Jr. in which a house falls on him and he survives because an open window fell onto him. Many of the crew on the film refused to watch because they were sure Buster was going to die during the shot.

After completing his training in Nebraska Charles Lindbergh became a stunt pilot and daredevil in the sky. He performed various daredevil feats such as parachuting, wing-walking, and even changing planes mid-air. This type of daredevil stunt piloting was called "barnstorming".

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Elvis Costello, Milton Berle, Frank Zappa, Robert Black, Steven Seagal, Martin Lawrence, and Adrien Brody, have all been banned from performing on Saturday Night Live due to on stage incidents. Only Elvis Costello was invited back where he parodied his original stunt that lead to the ban.

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Buster Keaton was known to write gags for Red Skeleton and the Marx Brothers, as well as perform stunts for other actors.

Tumbler pigeons - a pigeon breed that performs aerial stunts including backflips, spins, and somersaults

Jackie Chan does all of his own stunts. He won the Guinness World Record for "Most Stunts Performed by a Living Actor" for his 2012 film Chinese Zodiac.

One of the most popular features of Buffalo Bill's Wild West shows was actually Georgian horsemen, who were billed as Russian Cossacks and performed incredible stunts on horseback. The sport of trick riding is derived from these shows.

Arnold's breakthrough role was in Conan the Barbarian in 1982. He performed many stunts and suffered a back injury.

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In order to earn money as a pilot Bessie had to become a barnstorming stunt flyer. Commercial flying was still at least 10 years away so making money meant performing for paying audiences.

Jackie Chan performed 99% of his own stunts in every movie he's acted in and has all the injuries to prove it.

In 1949 two men performed a publicity stunt in order to save the town of Yuma. They flew an airplane for 47 days straight never even landing for fuel or food.

During the shooting of the film Sherlock Jr, Buster Keaton's neck was broken. He performed a stunt in which he hung from a railroad water tower spigot and he was knocked to ground. He didn"t know his neck had been broken until years later during a routine appointment.

Quentin Tarantino almost got Uma Thurman killed during the filming of Kill Bill by insisting she performs an highly dangerous driving stunt

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Some people have performed stunts from the Brooklyn Bridge. In 1886 Steve Brodie jumped from the bridge and survived, making him into a famous actor at the time. Robert E. Odlum was the first to jump from the bridge but he did not survive. He was a swimming teacher.

The film Cliffhanger has the Guinness World Record for costliest aerial stunt ever performed. Stuntman Simon Crane was paid $1 million to perform the aerial transfer scene, where he crossed between two planes at an altitude of 15,000 feet (4,600 m).

As Lara Croft, Angelina Jolie performed almost 80 percent of the stunts.

Practically every major silent film star (and most notably, Buster Keaton) performed all their own stunts, including dangerous drops and dodges

In 1949; a popular Ecuadorian radio station intentionally performed a hoax on the city of Quito, by reenacting the war of the world's by H.G. Wells without first notifying it's listeners that it was a play. The stunt led to city wide panic and eventually six deaths.

The first “Human Cannonball” was 14-year old Zazel (Rossa Matilda Richter) who performed the stunt on April 10, 1877 at the Royal Aquarium in London

There is a show called Bumfights. Its a collection of videos about highschool kids and bums fighting and performing stunts. The show got bad criticism and is even illegal in multiple countries.

Jackie Chan performs most of his own stunts. As a result, he has "dislocated his pelvis and also broken numerous parts of his body including his fingers, toes, nose, both cheekbones, hips, sternum, neck, ankle, and ribs".

Jackie Chan currently holds the Guinness World Record for most stunts performed by a living actor.

Tom Cruise while shooting for his upcoming movie Mission Impossible - Fallout, broke his ankle during a stunt scene but kept performing anyways because he was committed to finishing the movie.

the parachute drop into the convertible in Austin Powers: Goldmember was a real stunt performed by the stunt person, while the car was driven by a stunt driver hidden in the seat

Assassins Creed stunt man performed a 125 feet leap of faith. Highest free fall performed by a stunt man in 35 years

Richard Russell a.k.a "Skyking" an underpaid and overworked baggage handler who stole a jumbo jet and performed stunts, before diving into an island to his death. He knew how to fly the plane because he 'played videogames before'.

During a football game between Harvard and Yale, the Harvard fans had a card stunt that they thought would spell out “Go Harvard”, but the stunt was actually created by Yale students. When the card stunt was performed, it ended up spelling “we suck”

Christopher Lambert acts virtually blind in most roles, and still performed his own stunts.

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