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Coca-Cola was accused of hiring hitmen from a prominent paramilitary group between 1990 and 2002 to kill at least 10 trade union leaders.

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The head of the Nazi SA "brownshirt" paramilitary group was gay, appointed other gays to prominent Nazi SA positions & was so close to Hitler, he was the only person who called him by nicknames like "Adi" instead of "mein fuhrer"

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  1. The Iron Front, a democratic paramilitary group that opposed the Nazis in the early 1930s, and who's flag was designed to cross out the Swastika if superimposed on a Nazi flag.

  2. During WWII the Croatian paramilitary group Ustaša slaughtered with such barbarity that Wehrmacht and Gestapo commanders complained to Berlin, concerned that German forces might appear responsible.

  3. Death squads and paramilitary groups, which became a common tactic used by right-wing Latin American governments from the 1960s through the 1990s, were first used by Trujillo during the 1930s. His former street thug associates from his criminal days served as paramilitaries who threatened, beat, and killed his political opponents.

  4. At one point Nelson Mandela felt that peaceful protest was bearing no fruit so co-founded a paramilitary organisation believed to be responsible for over 130 deaths, including 60 black Afrikaners. It's believed the possibility of the group being disbanded played a large role in his release.

  5. Chiquita Brands International was fined $25 million by the US Justice Department for bankrolling right-wing Colombian paramilitary groups.

  6. The Irish Volunteers was an underground republican paramilitary group that formed in 1913. Many of the Irish Republican Brotherhood members were also members of this group.

  7. U.S Senator Benjamin Tillman was nicknamed “Pitchfork Ben”, and led a paramilitary group of Red Shirts during South Carolina's violent 1876 election, and South Carolina's 1895 constitution, which disenfranchised most of the black majority and ensured white rule for more than half a century.

  8. The "rifle clubs" were loosely organized paramilitary groups that attacked blacks and white Republicans during Reconstruction.

  9. When the Sturmabteilung, Hitler's personal bodyguard was formed, it was classified as the "Gymnastics and Sports Division" of the party, as paramilitary groups were outlawed.

  10. On Dec 11, 1920, a paramilitary group known as the Black and Tans sacked the city of Cork in Ireland, among other cities, towns and villages. The group was created by then British Secretary of State for War, Winston Churchill.

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The total amount of people who have ever died in Northern Ireland's "Troubles" (paramilitary groups fighting a semi-civil war over a 45 year period) is around 3,568 up to 2010, or an average of about 75 per year, in a country of around 1.8m people.

One of the paramilitary groups that founded the State of Israel sought an active alliance with Nazi Germany - twice. - source

Wales had/has it's own Paramilitary group know as the "Free Wales Army" - source

In July of 2001, an American labor-rights advocacy group and the USW sued the Coca-Cola company for allegedly using a far-right paramilitary group to kill some of the company’s workers at a Colombian bottling plant because they were wanting to form a union.

During the Troubles in Northern Ireland Loyalist Paramilitaries killed more civilians than the IRA, while the IRA had the greater number of kills overall only 35.6% of those killed by the IRA were civilians while 87.2% of those killed by Loyalist groups were civilians - source

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