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The desk in the Oval Office is called the Resolute Desk, named after the ship it was built out of in 1880. The HMS Resolute was found empty and adrift in packice, then salvaged by the US and gifted back to the UK, which helped narrowly avoid a war. FDR would add the front to hide his polio.

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Because the Secret Service aren't allowed into the Oval Office, they turned the floor into a giant, digital scale so that they can monitor where the President is at all times.

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  1. Liberty, President Gerald Ford's dog, was trained to create diversions in meetings. If Ford wanted to end a conversation in the Oval Office, he would signal Liberty and she would go to the guest wagging her tail, creating a natural break.

  2. Since Ronald Reagan, each outgoing United States president has left a private message on the Oval Office desk for the incoming president on Inauguration Day.

  3. President Johnson, out of respect for his assassinated predecessor, John F. Kennedy, used the Oval Office only as a formal setting with visitors and continued to do most of his work in his vice presidential suite located in the Old Executive Office Building

  4. The OSS director once showcased the then newly invented gun silencer to president Franklin D. Roosevelt by shooting 10 rounds at a sandbag in the oval office without Roosevelt noticing, and then handing him the smoking gun.

  5. When the exiled Shah of Iran requested entry into the U.S. for medical treatment, Henry Kissinger intervened on his behalf by repeatedly calling President Jimmy Carter. On more than one occasion, Carter hung up his phone in rage in the Oval Office and shouted "Fuck the Shah!"

  6. Each outgoing President leaves a sealed letter in the Oval Office for the incoming President, which by tradition is read and then removed from all records.

  7. The iconic desk used by every POTUS in the Oval Office since 1880 was made from the timbers of a British Royal Navy ship.

  8. The Stennis Compromise, in which Richard Nixon offered to let a Senator who was notoriously hard-of-hearing listen to the Watergate Oval Office tapes, and then let him summarize what he heard to the Special Prosecutor.

  9. US President Lyndon B. Johnson had a soda fountain containing Fresca installed in the Oval Office.

  10. The desk in the oval office is made from timbers of a British ship, which the US found and restored and gave back to the Queen as a gift, who then eventually had it made into a desk as a thank you for returning it...

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Since Ronald Reagan, each outgoing United States president has left a private message on the Oval Office desk for the incoming president on Inauguration Day.

There are 2 Oval Offices in the White House. The second is known as the Yellow Oval Office because of the wallpaper First Lady Madison had put on the walls - source

President William Howard Taft, doubled the size of the West Wing and built its first Oval Office. He placed the famous Roosevelt desk there where it survived a major fire in 1929 - source

A man in Texas turned his driveway into an exact replica of the most famous room in the White House, the Oval Office

Since the Oval Office was constructed in 1909, every president has used one of six desks. - source

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Lyndon Baines Johnson called the many women he slept with his “harem" and had a buzzer system installed that rang inside the Oval Office so that Secret Service could warn him when his wife was coming.

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President Lyndon B. Johnson was rumored to have had countless affairs. He brought a lot of pretty young women back from Texas to work in the White House, even if they couldn't type. He also had a buzzer installed in the Oval Office so that he could be warned when his wife was on her way.

President Ronald Reagan had a stack of index cards with one-liner jokes on them. He kept it in his desk in the Oval Office, and would insert the lines into speeches to help them go over well.

U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson loved the soda Fresca so much he had a soda fountain for it installed in the Oval Office.

If you thought you had a tough boss, think again. Calvin Coolidge would occasionally press all the buttons in the Oval Office, sending bells ringing throughout the White House — and then hide to watch his staff run in. He just wanted to see who was working.

The Harry Truman Library has an exact replica of the Oval Office, a a feature that has been copied by other Presidential libraries, including the Johnson, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and George H. W. Bush

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The oval office is not located at the center of the White House, but is instead at the corner of the West Wing building.

The Oval Office of the White House did not have a telephone until 1929. The US president previously had to use the phone in the foyer outside the office if he wanted to call someone.

Lyndon B. Johnson, upon leaving office, advised Richard Nixon to always have recorded phone conversations in the Oval Office.

The Resolute Desk in the oval office was built using wood from the HMS Resolute a British ship that was lost in the Arctic and found by American whalers.

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President Truman had a painting of Simon Bolivar in the Oval Office. Simon Bolivar was a Venezuelan political leader who played a leading role in the establishment of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia as sovereign states, independent of Spanish rule.

The 'Oval Office' is in the West Wing, and NOT in the residence of the White House

In 1929 The Oval Office was gutted by Fire

The most requested item in the U.S. National Archives -- more popular than the photos of the moon landing, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights -- is the iconic image showing the meeting between President Nixon and Elvis Presley in the Oval Office in December, 1970.

The Oval Office' rug contains a mis-attributed quote; "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice" was attributed to Dr. Martin Luther King. 19th-century abolitionist Theodore Parker is responsible for the quote King often utilized during marches and speeches.

The Oval Office Study is the working office of the President of the United States. It adjoins the Oval Office, the ceremonial office of the president and is accessed from a small corridor outside the Oval Office, which includes the president's private lavatory and the president's dining room

The oval office set used in the 1993 Ivan Reitman political film “Dave” was reused more than 25 times for television shows and films like The Pelican Brief, Hot Shots! Part Deux, and Absolute Power.

Herbert Hoover was first to have a line installed directly in the Oval Office, Calvin Coolidge made the first presidential transatlantic call in the 1920s, and by the 1960s, LBJ was making more than 40 calls a day

There's a replica of the oval office at GitHub's HQ in San Francisco as one of the ambients where people can work

In WWII, John F. Kennedy and his crew was stranded in an Island. Kennedy carved a message to a Coconut and gave it to two natives to deliver to a U.S base. They were later saved. When President, he used the coconut shell as a paperweight on his desk in the Oval Office.

Frank Underwood knocking on the Oval Office desk is the Netflix original content intro sound.

The Oval office is essentially a photo booth, the President does most of his work in an adjacent study.

Richard Nixon chose his Oval Office desk because he thought it was previously used by Woodrow Wilson, the president during World War I; however the desk turned out to have not been used by Wilson.

On Inauguration Day the previous president of the USA leaves a private message on the desk of the Oval Office for the new President

It's a tradition in American politics, when a sitting President leaves the Oval office for the last time, to leave a handwritten note for his successor

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