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Ben Sliney, FAA operations manager who ordered 4,000 planes to be grounded immediately after the 9/11 attacks, was on his first day on the job.

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In 1996 the IRA planted a bomb in Manchester City centre and told the authorities they had an hour to evacuate the area. The police successfully managed to evacuate 75,000 people in what has been called the most 'extraordinary policing operations' in UK history. There wasn't a single fatality.

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  1. There is a Japanese inn that opened in 718, that has been managed by 46 generations of the Houshi family. The inn has been operating for 1,300 years.

  2. The Hole: a facility operated by the Church of Scientology in California. The Tampa Bay Times described it as "a place of confinement and humiliation where Scientology's management culture...grew extreme." It has been described by ex-members comparable to that of a North Korean death camp.

  3. There is a Japanese inn that opened in 718, that has been managed by 46 generations of the Houshi family. The inn has been operating for 1,300 years.

  4. In Japan's universal health care system hospitals, by law, must be run as non-profit and be managed by physicians. For-profit corporations are not allowed to own or operate hospitals.

  5. In 2006, amateur German radio operators managed to receive radio signals from the Voyager 1 space probe, which at the time was 14.7 billion km away.

  6. A study released in 2017 found journalists drink too much, are bad at managing emotions and operate at a lower level than average

  7. During 'Operation Focus', the opening offensive airstrike of the 'Six-Day war', the Israeli Air Force managed to destroy the entire Egyptian, Jordanian, and Syrian Air Forces in about 3 hours. Over 450 planes were destroyed, and 18 airfields were rendered unusable.

  8. Ben Sliney, the FAA operations manager that grounded all the planes following 9/11, was on his first day at the job

  9. About Ben Sliney, the former United States FAA National Operations Manager who had to ground all air traffic on his first day on the job... 9/11

  10. When Nikolai Glushkov became a top manager of Aeroflot in 1996, he found that they worked as a "cash cow to support international spying operations". 1 in 5 working there were intelligence officers. Proceeds from ticket sales went to foreign banks that could not be controlled by the Aeroflot.

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About The Henokiens, a secret association of companies who have been continuously operating and remain family-owned for 200 years or more, and whose descendants still operate at management level.

Seaton House, Toronto's largest homeless shelter, operates on the "harm reduction" principle. Under its new "managed alcohol" policy, alcohol-dependent clients are served five ounces of wine every 90 minutes until the individual is inebriated, at which point he is denied another drink. - source

A con artist most known for a scam in which he literally managed to "sell the Eiffel Tower". Victor Lustig also successfully scammed gangster Al Capone out of $5,000, In addition to running a counterfeit banknote operation which he was eventually caught and sent to Alcatraz Island for.

The Central Park Conservancy is a private, nonprofit organization that manages Central Park. The conservancy was founded in 1980 and provides 75% of the Park’s $65 million annual operating budget and is responsible for operations and maintenance of the 843-acre park. - source

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Ben Sliney, a former National Operations Manager for the Federal Aviation Administration, where he oversaw all US airspace. His first day on the job was September 11, 2001.

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Stephen Colbert managed to get a treadmill on the ISS named after him, the Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill (COLBERT)

Raquel Liberman, a victim of human trafficking in Argentina. She managed to denounce her traffickers and break down the Jewish human trafficking network Zwi Migdal, which operated in Argentina in the early twentieth century.

Israel's secret service Mossad ran an entire beach resort in Sudan in the 1980s as a front for its operations, to help smuggle Ethiopian Jews to Israel. They posed as diving instructors, hotel managers, and staff while carrying out the mission.

Al Qaeda and Iran formed an alliance during the 1990s in which Hezbollah trained al Qaeda operatives.[43] After the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, Iran evacuated hundreds of al Qaeda personnel from Afghanistan, allowing the formation of an al Qaeda "management council" on Iranian soil.

John Ford was once accosted by a poor actor who needed $200 for his wife's operation. Ford hit him & angrily shouted. However, as the actor left, Ford's manager gave him a $1,000 cheque. The wife was directly treated at Ford's expense. He later bought a house for them & pensioned them for life.

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About Claudio Vitale, a doctor who had an hearth attack while performing a brain surgery and still managed to finish it. He then went under surgery exactly after leaving the operating room.

A student on his first airplane flying lesson had his instructor pass out, and managed to land the plane safely with help and guidance from the tower operators.

Journalists drink too much, are bad at managing emotions, and operate at a lower level than average, according to a new study

Three Silicon Valley billionaires: Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison and Scott Cook, were unable to get venture capital yet managed to grow their companies into multi-billion dollar operations.

In 1932 there was a wildlife management military operation in Australia called the Emu War. It lasted 8 days with one of the participants claiming he had 986 kills with 9,860 rounds.

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The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency gauges how badly an area has been affected by a storm by checking to see if the normally 24 hour, 365 day a year open Waffle Houses are operating.

Google (GOOG) has begun operating a data center in Belgium that has no chillers to support its cooling systems, a strategy that will improve its energy efficiency while making local weather forecasting a larger factor in its data center management.

Navy Pier Operations Manager rode Chicago's Ferris Wheel for more than 2 days straight to set a world record.

Chick-fil-A operators are required to "play an active role in [their] church," "share Christian values," and "be willing to participate in group prayers during training and management meetings."

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