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During filming of the movie Gladiator, Oliver Reed who played Proximo died after getting into a drinking match with sailors in a bar in Malta where Reed is said to have downed 8 pints, 12 double rums, and ½ a bottle of whiskey. In his honor, the bar changed its name to “Ollie's Last Pub”.

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Actor Oliver Reed died during a break from shooting Gladiator after winning a drinking match with British sailors. He "drank eight pints of German lager, a dozen shots of rum, half a bottle of whiskey and a few shots of Hennessy" and beat five young sailors at arm wrestling before collapsing.

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  1. Actor Oliver Reed (Proximo) died of a heart attack before all of his scenes in Gladiator were finished. Many of his scenes use a digital body double at an estimated cost of $3.2 million.

  2. Oliver Reed died from a heart attack, brought upon by drinking about $725 worth of booze and beating five Royal Navy sailors at armwrestling.

  3. Oliver Reed (the slave dealer in 'Gladiator') died of a heart attack during production so they spent $3.2 million to superimpose his face on other actors' heads to complete the film.

  4. Near the end of his life, Oliver Reed was brought onto some TV shows specifically for his drinking; for example The Word put bottles of liquor in his dressing room to secretly film him getting drunk.

  5. On his last night, Oliver Reed downed over eight pints of lager, twelve double rums and half a bottle of whiskey, won an arm-wrestling content against many members of the British Royal Navy crew, HMS Cumberland. Heavily intoxicated he collapsed and died before medics arrived.

  6. Oliver Reed aka Proximo from Gladiator was an alcoholic. Reed and 36 friends drank in an evening 60 gallons of beer, 32 bottles of scotch, 17 bottles of gin, and 4 crates of wine. He later died from a heart attack when filming. Several of his scenes had to be completed using CGI and a mannequin.

  7. I learned that Oliver Reed could drink 15 litres of gin and still manage to make it through a 28 minute interview just fine.

  8. Ozzy Osbourne was absolutely terrified of Oliver Reed

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