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The Areni-1 shoe is a 5,500-year-old leather shoe that was found in 2008 in near perfect condition. For perspective, the shoes are 400 years older than those found at Stonehenge, and 1,000 years older than those found at the Great Pyramid of Giza.

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Gobekli Tepe archaeological site is older than Pyramids, and even older than Stonehenge, writing, agriculture, discovery of wheel. Also oldest religious place ever discovered.

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  1. Gobekli Tepe, which is 6,000 years older than Stonehenge, may be the world’s first temple. It’s estimated to have been built before the invention of the wheel, the idea of farming, or the tools that could have constructed it.

  2. The Megalithic temples in Malta are the oldest temples in the world and are older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza

  3. Newgrange a monument in Ireland is older than Stonehenge & the Egyptian pyramids. It was built over 5,200 years ago and by design on the winter solstice light floods an inner chamber.

  4. In County Meath the Newgrange passage tomb has existed since it was built in 3200 BC, making it 1000 years older than Stonehenge and 600 years older than Egypt's Giza Pyramid.

  5. The oldest disputed astronomy observatory is in Armenia. Gerald Hawkins was contacted due to his analysis and discovery of Stonehenge used for astronomical purposes. After being investigated by archaeologists, it was confirmed that Karahunj is older than Stonehenge, by 2,500 years.

  6. There are more structures underneath Stonehenge that are only being discovered through imaging. Some of which are believed to be 500 years older than Stonehenge itself.

  7. In 2007 scientists discovered Stonehenge is only part of an much larger, much older religious stone complex

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