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Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of such Nintendo games as Mario, Donkey Kong, and Zelda, has a hobby of guessing the measurements of objects, then checking to see if he was correct. He enjoys the hobby so much he carries a tape measure with him everywhere.

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Nintendo will not allow the creator of Super Mario to bike to work because they consider his safety to be too important

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  1. Nintendo's character Mario is named after Mario Segale, who was the company's landlord in 1981. All Segale has publicly said about this is "I'm still waiting for my royalty checks".

  2. Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong, is not allowed to bike to work because his safety is too important to Nintendo

  3. Nintendo encouraged Wreck it Ralph producers to use Mario in the film but the producers thought Mario's fame would take away from Ralph and the story.

  4. Nintendo is so protective of its property that it bought the rights of a super Mario brothers porn parody so that it would not be distributed.

  5. In the Original Nintendo Games that Mario's Hat was created due to the graphical limitations of arcade hardware since hair couldn't be represented well.

  6. There were two Mario porn parodies made in 1993 called "Super Hornio Brothers" and "Super Hornio Brothers II." To protect its image, Nintendo bought the rights to both movies and made sure that they were never released.

  7. Play testers for the original Super Mario Brothers found the Koopa Troopa enemies too difficult. Nintendo added in simpler enemies at the very end of production, just to teach players how to beat enemies. They were Goombas, and became the most recognizable enemy in the Mario franchise.

  8. Link, from The Legend Of Zelda, was originally intended to have a button nose similar to Mario, but the wife of game designer Yoshiaki Koizumi convinced him to change it to a sharper one because she thought Nintendo didn't have enough handsome characters.

  9. Charles Martinet, the voice of Nintendo's Mario, crashed an audition uninvited and was told to make up a voice for an Italian plumber from Brooklyn. He talked until the audition tape ran out and was immediately given the job.

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What are the controls for mario kart on nintendo switch?

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Nintendo produced a cereal in 1988 called the Nintendo Cereal System which had two vertical bags, each containing a different cereal. One side was the "Super Mario Bros. Action Series" and the other was the "Zelda Adventure Series", consisting of fruity or berry flavored characters and items.

Nintendo bought the rights to two Mario porn parodies in order to halt their distribution. - source

There was an unlicensed game released on the Nintendo Entertainment System called Somari, which was a derived copy of Sonic the Hedgehog that featured Mario instead. The name Somari came from SOnic and MARIo. - source

When he was in hiding, Salman Rushdie immersed himself in Super Mario World, and joked that the best way to liberate Iran was to drop Nintendo consoles from the sky

Mario Seagale, Nintendo America's original landlord. When Nintendo couldn't pay their rent, they offered to name the character in their new game after him, thus creating 'Mario'. - source

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Nintendo never intended to create Mario. The original arcade Donkey Kong was intended to be a Popeye game. When they lost the license, they came up with their own characters; Mario for Popeye, Donkey Kong for Bluto and Pauline for Olive Oyl.

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Not only did Nintendo make ripoff Lego blocks in the 60's, they also got sued by Lego and won, and the "Lego" level in Super Mario Land 2 is, in fact, a Nintendo Blocks level.

Id Software made a prototype PC port of Super Mario 3 and showed it to Nintendo, who declined permission to fully develop it, leading to them making Commander Keen, which then lead to them being able to publish Wolfenstein 3D, and finally lead them to creating DooM.

Mario was named after Nintendo's landlord, who burst in demanding his rent back during a company discussion regarding the character's name

The only reason nintendo character Mario has a moustache is so people could tell where his nose was due to 8 bit limitations

Soon after Mario Party came out, many people complained that some of the mini games injured the palms of their hands due to the constant use of the N64's analog stick they required. in response, Nintendo offered to send gloves to anyone who complained.

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The character Mario was originally named Jumpman. One night, the Nintendo President was translating the game’s introductory text when his landlord Mario Segali burst into the room demanding rent. When he left, the President decided to rename the character Mario, and the name has stuck ever since

Some of the most popular games of the Nintendo Wii include Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Play, Mario Kart Wii, Wii Fit, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Wii Fit Plus, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario Party 8.

Nintendo is the current copyright owner for Mario Bros's porn parody, Super Hornio Brothers.

When Nintendo Game Boy was released its most popular game was Super Mario Land.

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Waluigi wasn’t designed by Nintendo, he was made by Camelot Games for Mario Tennis on the N64

Donkey Kong, Mario, and Princess Peach are based on characters from the cartoon series Popeye. Nintendo created them after they failed to obtain a license to make a Popeye video game.

In the German Club Nintendo magazine Princess Peach appeared in a story titled Super Mario and the Night of Horror. She is possessed by a demon in the story and Mario must save her.

Mario became such a hit with video gamers that it went on to become a major success for Nintendo, making National Mario Day a day of celebration for the company as well.

Nintendo had been struggling to enter the arcade game market and its president Hiroshi Yamauchi hired game designer Shigeru Miyamoto to design a game - which went on to become Donkey Kong.

Mario's name was confirmed by Nintendo to actually be Mario Mario in 2015.

Nintendo offered protective gloves for Mario Party N64 players to prevent hand injuries

So many people got blisters, lacerations, and friction burns from playing Mario Party that Nintendo had to start offering protective gloves

Mario was named after Mario Segale, the landlord of the Nintendo offices at the time, who bears a striking resemblance to the character.

In the SNES game Mario Paint, clicking on the R letter on the title letters that spell MARIO PAINT will play what sounds like a baby laughing. If the sample is played backwards and slowed down by 50%, it is revealed to say "Nintendo!"

Mario has appeared in a number of other media forms including making cameo appearances in other video games (such as a referee in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out), Saturday Supercade (animated TV series), Super Mario Bros. (feature film) with Bob Hoskins starring as Mario, licensed merchandise, and Nintendo Adventure Books series.

Nintendo owns the rights to a live-action Super Mario Brothers porn parody starring Ron Jeremy as Super Hornio. They shelved it.

Super Mario costumes were banned from go-kart rides around Tokyo after Nintendo sued. MariCar had given tourist the opportunity to dress as their favorite characters while driving around the road. However, they had never received permission from Nintendo.

Wii Sports -Nintendo's family friendly launch title for the Wii- is the best-selling game of all time for a single platform; outselling the previous best-seller, Super Mario Bros

Philips secured the rights to use Nintendo characters and then made 3 Zelda games, and 1 Mario game for their CD-i console. Those games were and still considered to be the worst in the whole series

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