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Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, and Nathan Fillion all voiced marines in Halo 3. Their characters were given personalities resembling the characters they played in Firefly.

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Actors Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk and Adam Baldwin all voiced Halo 3 characters based on their Firefly roles

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  1. Firefly bounty hunter Jubal Early was named for a Confederate general and ancestor of Nathan Fillion

  2. There is a real book series attributed to Richard Castle based on the mentions of novels about Nikki Heat and Derrick Storm in the TV series 'Castle'. Actor Nathan Fillion appears as the face of Richard Castle on the books and on the official website, and participates in book signings.

  3. The 2007 TV show DRIVE (starring Nathan Fillion) was the first show in history to receive an Emmy nomination even though the show had been cancelled. (also the first TV show to ever live tweet during an episode)

  4. Nathan Fillion & Allan Ungar created a short fan film of video game Uncharted with professional equipment in 2018.

  5. Nathan Fillion is in Saving Private Ryan

  6. Nathan Fillion was in Saving Private Ryan

  7. Nathan Fillion voice acted a ODST Gunnery Sergeant Reynolds in Bungies Halo 3, alongside Adam Baldwin and Alan Tudyk. All three characters having personalities matching their Firefly counterparts.

  8. Nathan Fillion was on an episode of The Outer Limits (Star Crossed, Aug 13, 1999)

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