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The small fish that swim next to sharks are 'pilot fish'. They swim next to sharks to avoid being preyed on and in return sharks do not harm them as they kill their parasites - thus having a "mutualist relationship".

how is lichen a mutualistic relationship?

Coyotes have mutualistic hunting relationships with badgers, assisting each other in digging up prey. They are such close friends that some coyotes have been seen laying their heads on their badger companions or licking their faces without protest.

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what mutualistic relationship that can provide plants with nitrogen?

  1. The fanged pitcher plant and the carpenter ant have a mutualistic relationship whereby the plant’s stem provides a home for small colonies of ants who in turn keep the chemistry of the pitcher’s liquid balanced by removing large insects from inside, preventing the liquid from spoiling.

  2. Head lice may have had a mutualistic relationship with humans by exposing people to louse-borne diseases early, allowing them to build immunities to diseases like typhus

  3. Some caterpillars have a mutualistic relationship with ants; the caterpillars give the ants food in exchange for protection from predators

  4. There is a species of frog that share a mutualistic relationship with tarantulas.

  5. Certain species of frogs and spiders will live together in a mutualistic relationship

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