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After "Freddy Got Fingered" won multiple Razzie Awards, Tom Green personally attended to accept his awards. He brought his own red carpet, and during his speech he played the harmonica so poorly and for so long he had to be dragged off the stage.

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When EEG was used to measure brain activity of a woman with multiple personality disorder there was no brain activity linked to sight whenever one of her blind 'alters' was in control (although her eyes were open), but that normal activity returned to the area when a sighted alter took over

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  1. Harrison Ford has personally provided emergency helicopter services at the behest of local authorities multiple times, in one instance rescuing a hiker overcome by dehydration in Jackson, Wyoming

  2. A 37-yo German woman who suffered an accident at the age of 20 that left her blind also had Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personalities). One of her personalities, a teenage boy, can see.

  3. 64% of Americans believe schizophrenia involves a split personality. A person with schizophrenia doesn't have two different personalities. Instead, he has false ideas/delusions or has lost touch with reality. Multiple personality disorder is unrelated.

  4. People with multiple personality disorder can have different allergies with different personalities.

  5. Leonard Nimoy released multiple albums, including a two sided record titled "Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy". One side featured him singing songs as Spock; the other side featured songs related to his personal interests.

  6. Multiple studies have demonstrated that writing about personally distressing events can speed up healing of minor wounds

  7. Billy Mulligan, suffered from multiple personality disorder in most outstanding way, with world record of 24 personalities. Some of his personalities spoke languages that Billy never learned. They were aware of each other's presence within Billy, and agreed to live together in cooperation.

  8. Eight of the July 20th, 1944 conspirators to assassinate Hitler were punished so severely, that they were slowly strangled with piano wire and revived multiple times only to be killed again. And all of this was filmed for Hitler to personally view at his leisure.

  9. The longest jail term in the US to a single person on multiple counts was to Oklahoma child rapist Charles Scott Robinson in 1994. He was sentenced to a total of 30,000 years, 5,000 years for each of the six counts against him.

  10. Delilah from the song "Hey There Delilah" is a real person and actually attended the grammys when the song was nominated for multiple awards

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There are four different types of OCD. One of them is checking. The checking is often carried out multiple times, sometimes hundreds of times, and for hours on end, resulting in the person being late for work, dates and other appointments.

Professor Xavier(X-Men) has a son named Legion who has over 200 multiple personalities and each personality has a different superpower - source

In 1990 a man was convicted of sexual assault after he had consensual sex with a woman with multiple personality disorder. The woman took the stand with six of her personalities during her testimony - source

People with Dissociative Identity Disorder do not actually have multiple personalities. They only have different self-states, which are only "different ways of being themselves".

The record for a 'polyglot' (person fluent in multiple languages), is held by a 19th century British Governor to Hong Kong - who could fluently speak 100 languages and was familiar with approximately 200. The greatest living multi-linguist speaks 39. - source

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Praepitcha Smatsorabudh was arressted for buying high-end handbags online, then traveling to multiple states to make in-person returns at department stores with knockoff versions. She would then sell the authentic bags netting over $1 million in profit.

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The song "Hey There Delilah" by the Plain White T's was written by Tom Higgenson about an actual person: Delilah DiCrescenzo, a distance runner who qualified multiple times for the IAAF World Cross Country Championship and has won gold at the Americas Cross Country Championship.

The woman whose case popularized the idea of "multiple personalities" was found to be faking to win favor & material gifts from her doctor. Her doctor's colleague claimed she knowingly went along with the ruse due to pressure from book publishers

Oklahoma child rapist Charles Scott Robinson received the longest jail term to a single person on multiple counts. Robinson received a sentence of 30,000 years—5,000 for each of the six counts against him.

A person that is not a twin or other multiple birth is a 'singleton'.

People with Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personalities) can have different allergies depending on which persona is in charge.

When does multiple personality disorder develop?

Schizophrenia has absolutely nothing to do with having multiple personalities.

about Chris Sizemore, a woman from the 1950s who suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder. Notice the differences in her voice, posture, and general feeling when she “switches”.

The names John Doe and Jane Doe come from the ancient Romans who used the names Titius and Seius in legal cases. Additionally, the name Richard Roe is used in cases of multiple unknown persons.

Norwegian has 2 written forms: Bokmål, based on written Danish & educated/elite speech,& Nynorsk, a synthesis of mostly rural/west. dialects. Failed attempts at reforming & merging them means multiple reformed/conservative forms of Bokmål/Nynorsk exist,& can vary by person,town or even newspaper

There is a conspiracy theory that Andrew W.K. is not a real person but rather a performance character developed and portrayed by multiple people.

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Chris Sizemore, a multiple personality disorder patient, had about 22 different personalities that always appeared in groups of three."They would function together for a time, then drop away and be replaced by others. Their ages would vary, as did their characters and even their physical health"

Ron Howard is the first person to have received multiple Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame since Bob Hope

Andy Kaufman got so tired of doing his "Foreign Man" character for the portrayal of Latka Gravas in "Taxi". In order to appease him, the writers wrote in that Gravas had multiple personality disorder so he could do other characters on the show.

Former Heisman winner & NFL pro-bowler Herschel Walker has D.I.D. (Disassociated Identity Disorder) also known as Multiple Personality Disorder.

Football legend and 5th degree black belt Herschel Walker suffers from multiple personality disorder (currently referred to as dissociative personality disorder)

There's a blind woman with multiple personalities that can see

Craig Venter, who helped pioneer short-read DNA sequencing technology, has conducted multiple worldwide microbe sequencing surveys using his personal yacht.

Ayrton Senna is the last person to have died in F1 history. His death also brought on much needed higher safety regulations which have saved multiple racers to this day.

G.I. Joe character Zartan was originally released with a file card stating that he suffered from Paranoid Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder. After a complaint from a mental health organization, Hasbro removed this information from the file for later print runs.

The original filecard for Zartan (the evil master of disguise) GIJOE toy said he was an 'extreme paranoid schizophrenic' and 'grows into multiple personalities'.

Professional Smite player 0mega is the only person in eSports to get the title World Champion on multiple platforms.

The Quantum Suicide experiment could prove that multiple Universes exist, but to only one person. The experimenter is connected to a fatal machine, which executes at 50% probability, based on the spin of a proton. After many iterations, one "version" of experimenter is alive, proving the theory

Bob Ross received multiple complaints that he painted too many mountains. His response was that if a person didn’t want to draw a mountain, they didn’t have too, but it was important to accept and respect people's wishes. He proceeded to paint an enormous mountain in the middle of his canvas.

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