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After the release of the 1983 movie "Wargames", visitors were so unimpressed with what NORAD actually looked like, that NORAD realized it was time to give their facility a major upgrade

People visiting the NORAD command center after the 1983 release of Wargames were so unimpressed with what the command center actually looked like versus the movie portrayal of it, that NORAD realized it was time to upgrade their entire system.

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  1. A group of amateurs actually broke into NORAD's nuclear computer system in the 1980s after getting the idea from the movie Wargames. There weren't any "hacking" laws so the worse charge was probation and a fine.

  2. In the 1983 movie "Wargames", John Lennon was interested in playing the character of Dr. Stephen Falken, but was murdered while the script was still in development.

  3. John Lennon wanted to play Professor Falken in the 1983 movie WarGames. Screenwriter Larry Lasker was staring at Lennon's photo on Esquire's Nov. '80 cover when a "bit of a jerk" friend called and said, "You're gonna have to find a new Falken." That's how he found out about Lennon's murder.

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