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Every ball used in an MLB game is covered in mud that comes from a secret location in New Jersey. A man skims through riverbanks to find the mud, then refines it before it's applied to balls. It's called the Lena Blackburne Original Baseball Rubbing Mud

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The average lifespan of a MLB baseball is 8 pitches and approximately 90 are used each game.

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what mlb baseball games are on today?

  1. A guy once tested Major League Baseball's copyright disclaimer by asking for "expressed written consent" to show an old playoff game at a party. MLB Headquarters responded with a letter granting him permission.

  2. Joan Kroc, wife of McDonald's founder Ray Kroc, donated over $1 billion to the Salvation Army. At one point, she tried to donate the Padres baseball team to San Diego, but the MLB rules forbid public ownership.

  3. There is roughly 18 minutes of actual playing time in a 3-hour Major League Baseball (MLB) game.

  4. Major League Baseball (MLB) grants a lifetime pass for free admission to MLB games for life to any player, manager, coach or umpire with at least eight years of MLB experience. MLB is the only major pro-sports league that has such a program.

  5. There's a specific brand of mud that's been rubbed on every baseball ever pitched in the MLB since the 1950s

  6. An 87-year old Grandmother didn't want to sell nor leave her 100-year old house so MLB baseball team owner could build a parking structure. The team owner offered to buy her a new house anywhere & financially support her for the rest of her life; which ended up being 6 weeks.

  7. Once a year since 1909, congress plays a baseball games on party lines. Some have hit homeruns out of MLB regulation parks in their 70's. Wins: Democrats 39, Republicans 41, Ties: 1

  8. After 27 years in the MLB, at age 46, Nolan Ryan's final pitch clocked in at 89 mph. He had a lifetime winning percentage of .526, was an eight-time MLB All-Star, and his 5,714 career strikeouts rank first in baseball history. Ryan also threw a record 7 no-hitters, 3 more than any pitcher.

  9. Homer Simpson was inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. This was celebrate the 25th anniversary of a Season 2 episode of The Simpsons when 9 MLB players cameoed for Mr Burns softball team back in season 2, 1991.

  10. In the 1988 MLB draft Tommy Lasorda (L.A Dodgers' Manager) drafted Mike Piazza as a favor for his dad. Piazza was selected in the 62nd round as the #1,390th player selected. Piazza is now regarded as one of the best offensive catchers in baseball history and is in the Baseball Hall of Fame

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Combined faces of top 1800 MLB (Major League Baseball) players

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Margin of victory in baseball (US MLB over last decade)

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About Adam Greenberg, a baseball player who suffered a skull fracture on the first pitch ever thrown to him in the MLB, effectively ending his career after just 1 pitch. 7 years later the Miami Marlins offered him a 1-day contract so that he could get a second chance to bat in an MLB game.

Former MLB player Manny Ramirez gets unlimited sushi as part of his Japanese Baseball contract agreement. - source

Yankees Stadium has flags for every baseball team in the MLB around the perimeter ordered by their standings in the division; their placement is changed each time the standings change. - source

Tampa Bay Rays scout Fernando Arango urged his team to draft Albert Pujols as he fell through the rounds in the 1999 MLB draft. He quit his job when the team failed to draft the slugger...who was then picked by St. Louis in the 13th round and became the best hitter in baseball for a decade.

There's a secret spot on the Delware river in New Jersey where mud has been gathered for almost 80 years that's rubbed into every MLB baseball before it's used. - source

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Until recently a couple made the schedule for every MLB baseball team and game for over two decades by hand on their kitchen table.

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About 1750 fans are injured each year by a batted ball at an MLB game (More than players hit by pitches the same year.) Stadium owners are protected from liability as long as nets are over the most dangerous seats (home plate area) And having the "Baseball Rule" printed on tickets.

MLB player Shoeless Joe Jackson was originally a pitcher but threw the baseball so hard that he broke the catchers arm. So they moved him to the outfield.

Deion Sanders played in both the World Series and the Super Bowl. He hit an MLB homerun and also scored a touchdown in 1989 in the same week. He is the only one to have these accomplishments.

Pro baseball diamonds don't have uniform dimensions because in the earliest days of the MLB the field had to conform to the shape of the block.

All MLB baseballs are rubbed with mud from the Delaware River in New Jersey to help remove the shine from the ball.

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MLB Baseball : Homeruns and Number of Teams By Year

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Every MLB baseball hat I spotted in Europe over 2 months

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Barry Breman, also known as "The Great Imposter." Breman was a salesman who posed as a Major League Baseball umpire at the World Series, a player in a MLB All-Star Game, a player in a NBA All-Star Game, a referee in the NFL, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, an Emmy Award accepter, and much more

Before the 1978 MLB All Star Game, Pete Rose and the National League All-Star team psyched out the American Leaguers by using Japanese baseballs during batting practice. Smaller than regulation baseballs, they traveled farther making it easy for the NL to hit homer after homer.

Tim Raines, a baseball player who was a 7-time MLB All-Star in the 1980's, testified that he kept a gram of coke in his uniform pocket, snorted during games, and made a point of sliding head-first so as not to break the vial.

The high five was accidentally invented by Glenn Burke, the first and only active MLB player to come out as gay. After he quit baseball the high five became a symbol of gay pride and identification in San Francisco's Castro district

In 1999, all 57 members of the Major League Umpire Association tendered their resignation in attempt to get a better labor contract from the Major League Baseball Association. The MLB accepted the resignations though they could only replace 22 of them and the union was decertified.

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Ray Chapman is the only professional baseball player to be killed as a result of an injury on the field. Shortly after the 1920 season, MLB mandated removing dirty baseballs to prevent players from misjudging them during the game, a rule that is still in place today

For 20 years, a famously well-endowed stripper nicknamed "Morganna, the Kissing Bandit" rushed onto the field during MLB baseball games, wildly kissing players. Altogether, she kissed 37 Major League baseball players, from Cal Ripken Jr. to Nolan Ryan to Pete Rose, and was arrested 20 times.

Baseball prospect Matt Harrington was selected in the MLB draft five times in consecutive years, without coming to an agreement. He now puts tires on cars for $11.50 per hour.

Wrigley Field, Chicago was the last baseball stadium to get floodlights. The Cubs first night game was on August 8, 1988. Every other MLB baseball team had hosted night games since 1935.

The Tony Conigliaro award, an award given by the MLB to professional baseball players who overcome disadvantages to play at high levels. Yangervis Solarte, who lost his wife to cancer during the baseball season but still played while taking care of three young daughters, won most recently.

About Marino Pieretti, a former MLB player who was diagnosed with cancer in the 1970s. his friends, many of them former baseball players, organized "The Friends of Marino Pieretti" to buoy his spirits. He died at age 60 early in 1981. The friends are still meeting every month.

The Kansas City Royals drafted then-high school baseball players John Elway and Dan Marino in the 1979 MLB draft.

The Largest Contribution to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum Ever Made by an MLB Player was From Ichiro Suzuki in 2016.

Kenesaw Mountain Landis was a judge appointed to be the first baseball commissioner and given absolute authority over the MLB after a match-fixing scandal in 1919.

Major League Baseball player Jaime Moyer, who pitched for 25 years until he was 49 years old, had faced an incredible 8.9% of MLB hitters ever.

All baseballs in the MLB are rubbed with a special one-of-a-kind type of mud that comes from a secret location near Palmyra, New Jersey.

Baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfield was drafted by 4 teams in 3 Major League Sports coming out of college in 1973 (MLB: Padres, NBA: Hawks, ABA: Stars, NFL: Vikings)

Before the great depression the American Soccer League was the 2nd most popular sports league in the US only behind MLB (baseball)

For MLB baseball, there has been around 218,400 games played and there have only been 23 official Perfect games by the current definition. (A 0.0105% chance of witnessing a perfect game live)

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