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A man called Miyamoto Musashi is considered the greatest swordsman who ever lived and even defeated legendary swordsman Sasaki Kojiro. He arrived on the Island where they were due to fight, late, and with a wooden sword he'd carved out of an oar of the boat he used to get to the island.

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Miyamoto Musashi, a Japanese rōnin born in the Tenshō era, had such faith in his own swordsmanship that he used a wooden sword regardless of the foe's weapon. Additionally, Miyamoto killed an opponent with a sword that legend says he carved from an oar.

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  1. Miyamoto Musashi, 17th century Japanese swordsman, would almost always arrive late to duels, irritating his opponent in the process. Miyamoto won two duels this way. Upon his next duel, he arrived early, and ambushed the force that was assembling to ambush him.

  2. Miyamoto Musashi, a 17th-century Japanese ronin, arrived to two duels late, and ended up winning them. For his next duel, he arrived early and ambushed the force that was assembling to ambush him.

  3. Miyamoto Musashi, a Japanese swordsman who wielded two blades in combat and won over 60 one-on-one duels

  4. In addition to being a prominent swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi was also an accomplished artist of varying media

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