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Japanese anti-hero Yoshie Shiratori, who escaped from prison 4 times and used miso soup to erode steel bars.

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Miso soup combats the harmful effects of radiation exposure

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  1. Young bulbils of air potato are used in human diet. They are usually prepared and consumed in the same way as yam and sweet potato. Air potato can be also used for the preparation of pancakes, miso soup, tempura and curry. Wild, uncultivated varieties of air potato, such as those growing in the USA, are bitter, tasteless and often toxic.

  2. Japan has its share of world famous cuisine including sushi, tempura, sashimi, and tako-yaki. Japanese cuisine is called washoku and is considered to be food that existed before 1868. Other staples in the Japanese diet are miso soup, rice, and vegetables, with a focus on seasonal ingredients.

  3. Kit Kats come in a variety of unique flavors in Japan, such as miso soup, baked potato, soy sauce, and cough drop.

  4. Miso ramen was invented by an inebriated ramen customer that asked for miso soup with noodles. [Starts around 58:30]

  5. James Brown made series of commercials for Miso soup.

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