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A WWII German fighter pilot that shot down 352 enemy aircraft and crash landed 14 times, all due to mechanical failure or getting hit by debris from a plane he downed. Credited with having the most aerial combat victories, Erich Hartmann earned the nickname "Black Devil".

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The Rasberry Crazy Ant which is attracted to electrical equipment and even chews through wires for 'unclear' reasons. When electrocuted they canrelease an alarm pheromone, attracting other ants to search for attackers which can lead to overheating, short circuits and mechanical failure.

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  1. About EgyptAir Flight 990 that crashed 60 miles south of JFK airport into the ocean. All 217 people aboard died. The US determined that it was a revenge act from the First Officer, while Egypt disputed this and said it was due to mechanical failure. This happened about 2 years before 9/11.

  2. Simon Rodia's Watts Towers, built over 30 years in his spare time with no special equipment or predetermined design, are so strong that when the city came to test its structural integrity, the crane used to exert lateral force experienced mechanical failure

  3. Berkeley mechanical engineers studied how shoelaces come untied and declared "the failure of the knot happens in a matter of seconds, often without warning, and is catastrophic."

  4. The first nuclear reactor meltdown occurred in Canada at the NRX reactor in 1952 due to a combination of extreme user error and mechanical failure. No one was hurt.

  5. After Japan Airlines flight 123 crashed into a mountain due to mechanical failure in-flight, JAL president resigned and Boeing mechanic killed himself

  6. Mercedes Benz no longer participates in sporting car events and cancelled its entire winning racing car division because of a series of mechanical failures and crashes (and a car taking flight) at the 1999 24 hrs of Le Mans.

  7. In 1996 flight TWA 800 was shot down by a missile after leaving JFK airport and was covered up by the FBI and CIA as a mechanical failure.

  8. The US Navy refers to some mechanical failures as a "TFOA" event. It means "Things falling off aircraft".

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