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Breeding panda bears is extremely hard and requires a global cooperation because more than half of male pandas exhibit no sexual drive and female pandas are fertile only up to three days a year. One of the methods to encourage the mating pandas is "panda porn".

A zoo in Japan once spent four years trying to mate a pair of hyenas before realizing they were both males, due to how similar a female pseudo penis is to a real one.

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  1. When Male honey bees mate, their penises explode and they die. During the queen's nuptial flight, she'll mate with about a dozen partners and leave a trail of their dead, penisless corpses in her wake.

  2. Female fish can fake an orgasm to trick the male into thinking they've successfully mated and swim off to find a better partner.

  3. Cardinal birds are romantic; they mate for life, travel together, sing before nesting, and during courtship, the male feeds seed to the female beak-to-beak.

  4. To know when to mate, a male giraffe will continuously headbutt the female in the bladder until she urinates. The male then tastes the pee and that helps it determine whether the female is ovulating.

  5. The oldest living terrestrial animal, a 186-year old giant tortoise called Jonathan, has been mating with a female giant tortoise called Frederica since 1991...who, it turns out, was actually a male all along.

  6. When a drone bee mates with the queen, his orgasm is so powerful it causes his genitals to explode, killing the male and leaving his penis inside the queen. The explosion is so powerful, it's audible to human ears.

  7. Scientists in Florida plan to release genetically modified mosquitoes into the wild. The males still mate with females, but the hatchlings die before adulthood due to the presence of the new genes.

  8. Male spiders give female spiders gifts of prey wrapped in silk to increase mating success. Wrapping the gift in silk prevents the female from stealing it without copulating and sometimes conceals that the gift is just random trash.

  9. Since many female insects mate just once in their lives, insect populations can be controlled by releasing swarms of sterile males into the wild; the females mate with them, never have babies, and die. The method has eradicated populations of dangerous insects in several regions.

  10. A Japanese zoo unsuccessfully tried to mate a pair of hyenas for four years before realizing both were males.

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When Anglerfish mate, they melt into each other and share their bodies forever. If a male finds a female, he latches on and fuses to her, losing his internal organs until they share a bloodstream.

When male honey bees mate, their penises explode and they die. During the queen's nuptial flight, she'll mate with about a dozen partners and leave a trail of dead, penisless bees in her wake. - source

Gray whales mate in threes; the non-dominant male just acts as a brace to hold the female in place so that she doesn't float away. - source

Ducks penises explode outward, have spikes on them, shapeshift, fall off after every mating season, and can grow back longer if there are more males around

Male Billy Goats smell so bad because they urinate on their own head, beard, and front legs to smell more attractive to females during their mating season - source

Given a choice between alcohol-soaked food and normal food, male fruit flies that have recently been sexually-rejected by females will consume four times more alcohol-soaked food than the males that mated successfully.

Before Mating, the Female Giraffe Will First Urinate in the Male's Mouth

In Tasmanian Devilmating season, the male has to beat the female into submission if he wants to mate. If the male is too timid the female proceeds to beat up the male.

When hummingbirds reach puberty, the males’ beaks grow longer and sharper. They use them to stab other males in the throat to secure mating spots.

Sea otters with pink noses are females. Otters mate in the water, and males bite the females on the nose and face to hold them in scar tissue turns the females' noses pink.

The last Kauaʻi ʻōʻō (now extinct) was male. It's song was recorded in 1987. It was recorded singing a mating call, to a female that would never come. It died in 1987 as well.

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When Anglerfish mate, they melt into each other and share their bodies forever. If a male finds a female, he latches on and fuses to her, losing his internal organs until they share a bloodstream. He lives the rest of his days like this, releasing sperm when she releases eggs.

Komodo dragons can reproduce completely asexually, through a process called parthenogenesis. Furthermore, offspring reproduced by this process can only be male. This means that a single female dragon can create an entirely new colony without a mate.

That, while mating, hermaphroditic (having both male and female sexual organs) species of flatworms engage in penis fencing, battling violently to decide which of the two will be the father. The winner stabs his penis into the loser to inseminate it.

A male tiger retaliated against a group of poachers who killed his mate and cub.

Queen bees continues to mate until she collects more than 70 million sperm from multiple males.

There's a species of marsupial that fucks to death. The Antechinus males all die en masse at the end of each mating season, after vigorous and sustained sexual encounters causes their bodies to disintegrate from stress.

An evolutionary rock-paper-scissors mechanism. Three variants of the Common Side-Blotched Lizard compete for mates; Orange males are adapted to steal mates from Blue males, who are adapted to steal mates from Yellow males, who in turn are adapted to steal mates from Orange males.

Red titi monkeys form monog­a­mous pairs, mating for many years. They can have up to 3 gen­er­a­tions of off­spring liv­ing in the fam­ily group at any time. Male and fe­male pairs sleep to­gether and often en­twine their tails dur­ing sleep. Male par­ents are the main care­givers.

A male cast member of The Real World: Seattle slapped a fellow cast mate who accused him of being gay. After filming, he was arrested for prostitution, and later came out as gay.

There is a stork couple in Croatia, where the male travels 13 500 km each year, for 22 years, to visit his mate.

Male kangaroos flex their biceps to impress female kangaroos for mating purposes.

Zombie worms are deep sea worms that eat the bones of a whale fall, and the microscopic males live inside the females to save themselves the trouble of searching for a mate. One female zombie worm was found with 111 males living inside her.

There is a species of octopus called the Argonaut. The male stores up sperm in his penis/tentacle and when he finds a mate, he tears it off and gives it to her so that she can, quite literally, go fuck herself.

Male giraffes headbutt female giraffes in the bladder until she urinates. The male giraffe will then taste the urine to see if he can mate with her.

Male funnel spiders use pheromones to knock females unconscious before mating.

Female sand tiger sharks mate with several males and their offspring devour each other in utero until only one remains and is born the victor and then the mother immediately abandons them

In order to try an avoid being eaten by its mate, the male orb-web spider has detachable genitals that keep pumping after it's run away.

Adactylidium, a species of mite in which seven female offspring and one male offspring are raised in their mother's insides. The females then mate with the male and eat their mother alive from the inside-out. Then, they escape their mother's corpse, leaving their brother to die.

Male jewel beetles often prefer to mate with beer bottles instead of female jewel beetles due to the beer bottle's large size and attractive coloring.

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