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The Japanese bullet train system is equipped with a network of sensitive seismometers. On March 11, 2011, one of the seismometers detected an 8.9 magnitude earthquake 12 seconds before it hit and sent a stop signal to 33 trains. As a result, only one bullet train derailed that day.

People during the American Civil Rights movement of the 50s and 60s were encouraged to march in their finest clothes so as to reframe the very idea of what a disrupter looked like.

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  1. Serial killer in New Orleans sent letter to the newspapers that on the night of March 19 he would kill again, but would spare any place where jazz band was playing. That night New Orleans' dance halls were fully filled, including many jazz house parties. There were no murders that night

  2. When the Brooklyn Bridge opened in 1883, the public doubted the stability of the bridge. Six days later, a pedestrian fell, causing a woman to scream, which led to a stampede that killed 12. Public concern was only dispelled a year later when P.T. Barnum marched 21 elephants across it.

  3. FDR founded an organization to find a cure for polio, and believed that if everyone gave only a dime, polio would be eradicated. Because of this motto, after his death in 1945, FDR's face was put on the dime, and his organization was renamed "The March of Dimes."

  4. In 1947, after the price of a chocolate bar increased from 5 cents to 8 cents, 200 kids marched and protested on the capitol building in British Columbia, shutting down the government for a day. It is known as " The Candy Bar Strike".

  5. The town of Rjukan, Norway receives no natural sunlight from September to March due to the steep mountains that surround it. They've installed 3 large mirrors to reflect light into the town's square. The mirrors track the sun's path and move every 10 secs to create a 600m squared pool of light.

  6. An American called Gilbert Bates marched across England after the civil war carrying an American flag on a bet of 1000 dollars that he wouldnt be insulted along the way. He couldnt get to London because of the crowds who supported him.

  7. The last time a living Democratic president transferred the presidency to another Democrat was on March 4, 1857.

  8. In Japan, Valentine's Day is a day when girls buy chocolates and other gifts for boys they like. A month later, on March 14th, is called White Day. On that day, the boys will buy gifts to give back to the girls who bought them gifts on Valentine's Day.

  9. The 90s sketch comedy show “In Living Color” drew away 22% of Super Bowl XXVI’s viewers during its halftime show by doing a special live episode of their own, which is why subsequent Super Bowls got A-List performers and dropped the previous themed marching band format.

  10. In March 2015, McDonald’s workers who allegedly suffered severe burns on the job have filed health and safety complaints. The complaints allege that, because of a lack of first aid supplies, workers were told by management to treat burn injuries with condiments such as mayonnaise and mustard.

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march fact data chart about I made this circular bracket for the March Madness tournamen
I made this circular bracket for the March Madness tournament. This is up to date thru the Elite Eight

march fact data chart about Neat 1869 pictograph of Napoleon's march to and from Moscow
Neat 1869 pictograph of Napoleon's march to and from Moscow 1812-1813

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On March 20, 2007, David Letterman became ill less than an hour before his show was to start. Adam Sandler, who was to be one of his guests that night, filled in for him and hosted the whole show

On March 6, 1967, Stalin's daughter - 41-year-old Svetlana Alliluyeva - defected at the U.S. embassy in New Delhi, India, where she publicly denounced Communism and “embraced God, America and apple pie.” - source

The number of vasectomies during March Madness goes up 50+% because guys schedule the procedure during that time so they can sit around and watch basketball for days during recovery. - source

In Boston, 1777, during a shortage of coffee and sugar, a crowd of over 100 angry women marched to a wealthy merchant's warehouse, demanded the keys, and grabbed him by the neck when he refused. They opened the doors, loaded up carts with coffee, and left.

A Roman Mile was defined as 1,000 paces. Armies would leave mile markers every 1,000 steps as they marched; as a result, well-fed armies marching at a fast pace marked longer miles. - source

When a Pacific tribe watched the US military perform drills to prepare for supply planes, the tribe believed it to be a religious ritual and built their own runways, coconut headphones, wooden radio towers, and marched around like the soldiers, in hopes of having a plane drop supplies off.

In March 2001, while Rowan Atkinson was on a holiday trip to Kenya, the pilot of his private plane fainted. Atkinson managed to maintain the plane in the air until the pilot recovered, and was able to land the plane at Nairobi's Wilson Airport.

Richard Nixon had the Secret Service uniform redesigned to closely resemble that of European palace guards. The "toy soldier" uniforms were universally ridiculed and only used for a few months before being mothballed; after a decade in storage they were sold to an Iowa high school marching band

In 1947, after the price of a chocolate bar increased from 5 cents to 8 cents, 200 kids marched and protested on the capitol building in British Columbia, shutting down the government for a day. It is known as " The Candy Bar Strike"

On 5 March 1945, a Gurkha soldier in the British army calmly stood up in open sight and killed a sniper pinning down his company before going on to clear 5 enemy bunkers, single-handedly, all whilst under heavy fire.

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Map of JCPenny store closings for March, 2017

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Deleted Frontpage Reddit Posts from July 19, 2018 to March 29, 2019

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A serial killer in New Orleans stated he would kill again on the night of March 19, 1919, but would spare the occupants of any place where a jazz band was playing. On that night, all dance halls reached capacity and amateur bands played jazz at hundreds of house parties. There were no murders.

A mere 16 years after being marched 1000s of Miles during the ‘Trail of Tears’, the Choctaw donated what is equivalent to tens of thousands today to Irish during their potato famine.

During the Battle of Moscow, despite German forces closing to within 50 kilometers of the city, the Soviet Union still held the annual military parade marking the revolution. Soviet troops who paraded past the Kremlin, then marched directly to the front line and into battle.

In 1832 the US Supreme court ruled in favor of the Cherokee Indians wanting to remain on their native land. President Andrew Jackson ignored the order and tens of thousands of Cherokee were forcibly removed from their homes and marched to Oklahoma. Thousands died on the mach, the Trail of Tears.

When the results began coming in from the 30 March 2005 Powerball drawing, lottery officials suspected fraud was underway because 110 players claimed second prizes of $100,000 or $500,000. All 110 players and the jackpot winner got their numbers from fortune cookies.

In response to 300 students marching after the "Don't tase me, bro!" incident, the University of Florida held a panel to discuss police practices. Only 15 people showed up.

Gmail was believed to be an April Fools joke upon its release on March 29 due to its 1 GB storage space: Hotmail offered only 2mb at the time

A Roman legionary trained often by regular marching for 18 miles in 5 hours and then speed marching for 21 miles in 5 hours in a single day, all the while carrying a backpack of 45 pounds and armor of 20 pounds.

This March 14 will be an extra special "Pi Day" because, for the only time this century, we will have 3/14/15 9:26:53!

Soldiers are required to "route step" (or walk out of step) when crossing bridges because, in 1831, the rhythmic march of British soldiers broke a bridge, throwing soldiers off of the bridge.

The music commonly associated with clowns in circuses was written by Julius Fucik. It was originally titled *Entrance of the Gladiators* and was meant to represent slaves marching into an arena to fight to the death.

In March of 2000, Inés Ramírez Pérez performed a Caesarean section on herself and survived, as did her baby. She is believed to be the only known case of a successful self-inflicted Caesarean section

In 1996, a black teenager, while marching to protest a KKK rally in Michigan, protected a white man, who had an "SS" tattoo and and a confederate flag shirt, from the attacks of a crowd. She threw herself on him to deflect the mob's strikes, due to her belief that "nobody deserves to be hurt."

The pilot episode of the Lone Gunmen was about a conspiracy of the US government to hijack an airline and fly it into the World Trade Center to start a profit making war. It aired March 4, 2001.

During the second northern war, a historically cold winter froze the water in between Sweden and Denmark. Denmark assumed Sweden would wait for spring to attack. Instead, the Swedes marched their army across the frozen ocean and crushed them, taking a lot of land that they still own to this day

The Nazis developed an experimental drug cocktail called D-IX in which the Nazi doctors found that equipment-laden test subjects who had taken the drug could march 55 miles without resting.

Back in 1984, religious fanatics in Iran sent children marching over minefields to clear them. They got plastic keys that would open the gates of heaven for them. Later, they also gave them blankets so corpse parts wouldn't be blown everywhere.

Burton Joseph, a Jew who representing the ACLU, defended the right for Neo-Nazis to march through Skokie, IL—a community where 1 in 6 residents were Holocaust survivors—because he believed in freedom of speech.

The American gangster John Dillinger escaped from jail with a wooden pistol. After whittling it in his cell, in March 1934 he used the fake weapon to intimidate 33 people before getting a real machine gun. "Ha, ha, ha! And I did all this with a wooden gun!" he bragged while leaving.

There was a woman who survived a gas chamber, three Nazi concentration camps, testing by the infamous Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele, a death march, and shared a barracks with the dying Dutch teenager Anne Frank.

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