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Male garter snakes that need extra warmth after hibernating will mimic females in order to trick other males into trying to mate with them so they can cuddle and steal their body heat.

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Mating season takes place during the spring and autumn. Red-sided garter snakes mate on the wintering grounds. 10 or more males form mating balls around one or two females. The most dominant males get opportunity to mate.

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  1. Red-sided garter snake can reach 51 inches in length and 5.3 ounces of weight. Females are larger than males.

  2. Male garter snakes trick other males into sex for warmth

  3. Male garter snakes that need extra warmth after hibernation will mimic females in order to trick other males into trying to mate with them. This way, the female-posing snake can steal the others' body heat.

  4. Some male Canadian red sided garter snakes engage in female mimicry by producing fake pheromones after emerging from hibernation. Rival males then cover them in an attempt to mate. This 'heat stealing' allows the snake to become more quickly revitalized.

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