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The Egyptians, not Julius Caesar, were the fathers of the modern calendar. The Roman calendar was lunar and had 355 days. Egyptians knew it was 365 days because the Nile would peak on the same day each year. Caesar learned this from his affair with Cleopatra and created the Julian calendar.

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Chinese New Year has been a traditional Chinese Festival for more than 4000 years. It is meant to end the winter season and mark the beginning of spring. Chinese New Year falls on the first day of the first month of the Lunar Calendar. The Lunar Calendar can begin at the end of January or beginning of February and ends with the first full moon - 15 days later.

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  1. The exact date of Chinese New Year changes each year because it originated in 2600 B.C. At that time people followed the lunar calendar.

  2. During the Xia Dynasty a calendar system was created that utilized both the solar and lunar movements.

  3. A deck of cards represents a calendar. There are 4 suits (seasons), 52 cards (weeks in a year), 13 values (lunar cycles), and if you add up the values of all the cards, they equal 364 (plus a joker is 365)...

  4. Because it operates on a lunar calendar, every 33 year the Hajj occurs twice in one year

  5. The Chinese Lunar Calendar, the Shixian Calendar, still being used now was made by a Jesuit priest from Cologne, Germany, Adam Schall on 1645.

  6. -May 2018 falls as an extra special month according to Hindus, and is celebrated as "Adhik Mass" (translated as Extra Month) due to a gap between lunar and solar calendars that only occurs every 3 years.

  7. A deck of playing cards coincide perfectly with our modern calendar. 2 colors representing night and day, 4 suits representing the four seasons, 12 court cards representing the 12 months, 13 values representing the 13 lunar cycles in year & 52 cards representing 52 weeks in a year.

  8. Every 19 years as marked by the Baha’i calendar, the solar and lunar calendars synchronise numerically, the Sun and Moon synchronise physically (in an eclipse), and the length of day equals night everywhere in the world. The name for this 19 year cycle is Vahid, Arabic for unity.

  9. The Chinese lunar calendar has a 13th month in its leap years called 閏月 (rùnyuè, intercalary month), to make up for the fact that it only has 354 days a typical year.

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The month of Ramadan in the lunar Islamic calendar falls about 10 days earlier each year of the solar based Gregorian calendar. The number of daylight hours observant Muslims fast

lunar calendar fact data chart about I made this beautifull lunar calendar and wanted to share wi
I made this beautifull lunar calendar and wanted to share with you, data lovers

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February only has 28 days because the Romans based their Calendar off the lunar cycle, and not the solar (sources in video description)

The Lunar year consists of 12 "days" (equivalent to 12 Earth months), named after the first 12 men to walk on the Moon. The Lunar calendar starts at the moment Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon (07/21/69 at 02:56:15 UT), which is Year 1, Day 1, Cycle 1 -- 00:00:00. - source

Banks use a 360 day calendar as a way to merge the 3 primary calendar systems. 360 is the average between the solar and lunar year - source

Babylonian fathers give their son-in-laws mead (honey beer) 1 month after the wedding. Due to their lunar calendar, it's called honey month; hence the term honeymoon.

While the Christian world uses a solar calendar (year = 1 revolution around sun), and the Muslims use a purely lunar calendar (year = 12 lunar months), the Jewish calendar is a hybrid that accounts for both lunar and solar cycles. - source

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