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Bass Reeves. an African American commonly thought to be the inspiration for the lone ranger, he arrested more than 3,000 felons and killed 14 outlaws.

how did the lone ranger die?

The inspiration for the Lone Ranger was a black man born into slavery who later became a US Marshall and was credited with 3,000 arrests and killing 14 outlaws

What happened to the lone ranger horse silver?

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  1. Bass Reeves, the first black U.S. Deputy Marshall west of the Mississippi, who is credited with capturing over 3,000 outlaws, including his own son. He is also rumored to be the inspiration for the Lone Ranger.

  2. Prohibition era Texas Rangers were continually frustrated by a burro they dubbed the “Lone Rum-Running Jackass of Starr County,” who would be loaded with liquor over the border in Mexico, then find its way back home in Texas overnight.

  3. The Lone Ranger was so named because the character is the sole survivor of a group of six Texas Rangers.

  4. Bass Reeves, Who was the first black lawman west of the Mississippi, and is considered to be the real Lone Ranger.

  5. The real "Lone Ranger" was an African American who escaped slavery and successfully lived among Native American people employing them as scouts to apprehend outlaws in disputed territories. Y

  6. The Lone Ranger was most likely based on real life U.S. Deputy Marshall Bass Reeves - the first Black U.S. Deputy Marshal west of the Mississippi

  7. The REAL ‘Lone Ranger’ was an African-American lawman who lived with Native American Indians

  8. About Bass Reeves. The guy who the Lone Ranger is based on and the “real” Lone Ranger was black.

  9. The Lone Ranger was based off a Black US Marshal

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The Green Hornet's real identity was newspaper publisher Britt Reid, the son of the Lone Ranger's nephew Dan Reid, marking one of the first times a creator had tried to build a shared universe.

The Lone Ranger is the great-uncle of fellow crime fighter the Green Hornet - source

An escaped slave, Bass Reeves, was the phenomenal man who inspired The Lone Ranger! - source

In every television/movie portrayal of The Lone Ranger, Tonto was played by an actual Native American... until Johnny Depp in 2013

The youngest sergeant of WWI was Brace Beemer, who lied about his age and joined the army at 14. Beemer would later go on to play the Lone Ranger on radio. - source

When was the lone ranger on tv?

The inspiration for the Lone Ranger is thought to be an African-American lawman named Bass Reeves who had a Native American sidekick.

How many lone rangers were there?

Actor Clayton Moore, who played The Lone Ranger for many years, was forbidden from publicly appearing masked in character during a dispute with the copyright holder, and so had to appear in wraparound sunglasses instead.

As part of an advertising campaign Honda created a road that uses grooves to play part of the Lone Ranger song when driven at 55mph. The Musical Road, as its now known, exists in California.

Three of the top five biggest box office bombs in movie history were produced in the last 5 years by Disney. Mars Needs Moms (2011), John Carter (2012), and The Lone Ranger (2013) lost between $346.8M and $371.8 combined.

the story of Bass Reeves, the free slave who was recruited by a federal judge to protect the Wild West from thieves, bandits, and robbers. He was the first Black Deputy Marshal west of the Mississippi River. The classic show The Lone Ranger was likely inspired by his story.

From 1946 to 1971, Gaylord Dubois wrote over 3,000 comics, including adaptations for The Lone Ranger, Tarzan, and his most famous, Turok, Son of Stone.

When did the lone ranger die?

Bass Reeves, an escaped slave, arrested 3,000 felons, killed 14 men, and was the inspiration for The Lone Ranger.

The first actor to play Lone Ranger, WWII veteran Lee Powell died from drinking moonshine.

How to Draw Johnny Depp - The Lone Ranger Hyper realistic Pencil and Cha...

The Lone Ranger is widely believed to be inspired by Texas Ranger Captain John R. Hughes, to whom Zane Grey's 1914 breakout book "The Lone Star Ranger" was dedicated to.

Bass Reeves - an escaped slave who fled to to Indian Territory and later became the most successful US Marshall in history - was the inspiration for the Lone Ranger.

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The Lone Ranger theme is from an 1829 opera based on a 15th century Swiss legend.

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