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After being put up, any signs on route 1 pointing the way to Bolinas, CA have been torn down by local residents in an effort to keep the city hidden, which is only accessible by unmarked roads.

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Stephen Colbert took over a Michigan public access TV show in July 2015 for one episode, during which he provided news about local events, made fun of a local Yelp reviewer, and interviewed Eminem.

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  1. His other genius was in the field of advertising and self-promotion, and his network of local dealers made his cars accessible to most of the American public.

  2. The 'Mungo man', a 6'5 skeleton found in Australia and believed to be amongst the oldest known cremations in the world. Despite DNA evidence that the remains might be of an as-yet-unknown subspecies of human, the local aboriginal community has prevented access for further tests.

  3. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed on February 10th, 1964. It made it illegal for state or local governments or public facilities to deny access to anyone because of ethnic origin or race. It also made segregation in schools illegal and subject to law suits.

  4. Since 1965 The FCC Has Been Trying To Protect Public Access To Local Sports And Events With Anti-Siphoning Laws That Give Antenna Broadcasters First Rights To The Games... But Only The NFL Writes This Into Their Contracts. Thats Why NFL Is On Antenna While MLB, NHL, Boxing... Are On Cable

  5. You can rebind or restore your old books, local libraries usually have access to one

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