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Lake Kivu is one of three lakes that undergoes limnic eruptions. These sudden releases of carbon dioxide kill every human and animal around the lake. It is estimated that the lake erupts about once every thousand years. Currently, about two million people live on the shores of Lake Kivu.

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There is a rare type of natural disaster called a Limnic Eruption where large amounts of carbon dioxide are released that suffocates all nearby animals. The worst occurrence killed 1,700 people.

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  1. The huge Lake Kivu is one of three lakes known to have limnic eruptions, natural disasters that create CO2 gas clouds that wipe out life in the area. It takes place every 1000 years or so and 2 million people now live in the vicinity.

  2. 1,700 people suffocated to death in 1986 from a Limnic Eruption - a natural disaster where a huge carbon dioxide cloud erupts from underneath a lake and fills the atmosphere.

  3. On Aug 21, 1986 Lake Nyos in Cameroon had a limnic eruption that produced a massive cloud of CO2 that killed 1,746 people and over 3,500 livestock. Only 2 such events have ever been recorded, the other, also in Cameroon, in 1984 at nearby Lake Monoun resulting in 38 deaths.

  4. Some lakes can release poisonous gas clouds that kill everything around them, this phenomenon is called "Limnic eruption"

  5. Limnic eruptions, in which bodies of water can suddenly release carbon dioxide in amounts capable of killing every breathing thing in its vicinity.

  6. Limnic Eruptions, which is when a lake explodes like opening a can of soda which can cause Tidal Waves and poisonous clouds of CO2.

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About Limnic Eruptions. Lakes erupting CO2 basically killing everyone around. - source

In 1986, an enormous limnic eruption, which is where a pocket of CO2 is released underwater, bubbled up to the surface of Lake Nyos. It spread over a 25km area, suffocating 1,700 people and 3,500 livestock. - source

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