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Physicist Leon Lederman wrote a book about the Higgs Boson he called "The Goddamn Particle" but his publisher didn't like it and shortened it to "The God Particle", and the nickname stuck

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The Higgs boson, commonly refered to as the "God Particle", was originally intended to be name the "goddamn particle", but Leon Lederman's publisher asked that it be changed. Higgs, an atheist, was unhappy with the nickname because he thought the term "might offend people who are religious"

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  1. In 1976, a group of scientists led by Leon Lederman thought they had discovered a particle called the Upsilon meson. Upon further tests, they realised they made a mistake, and that the particle did not really exist. They later called this 'discovery' the Oops-Leon, a pun on Upsilon and Leon.

  2. Retired experimental physicist Leon Lederman and facing serious memory loss he took to an online auction and sold his 1988 Nobel prize for his co-discovery of subatomic particle called the muon neutrino to cover his costs for $765,002

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