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In 1982, the CIA successfully tricked the Soviet Union into stealing sabotaged software that oversaw pump valves in gas lines. The CIA used it to close off a massive Soviet gas line, leading to a massive pressure build up and “the most monumental non-nuclear explosion ever seen from space.”

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Bruce Dickinson (lead singer of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden) and his then-solo band drove through the front lines of war in Sarajevo during the Bosnian war. They weren't protected and there were bullets flying around. They played a show for the people trapped in the city.

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  1. In the civil war, generals would deliberatley expose themselves to enemy fire to show off their courage and to lead by example. Union general Kearny rode right next to confederate lines, saying "The Rebel bullet that can kill me has not yet been molded". Shortly after he was shot and killed.

  2. Flatulence, if held in too long, is sometimes reabsorbed into the circulation and exhaled in your breath. Holding in farts may also lead to diverticulitis, where small pouches develop in the gut lining and can become inflamed.

  3. In 1848, to begin construction on the Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge, engineers needed to secure a line across the 800-foot chasm. The lead engineer held a kite-flying contest and eventually paid a local boy $5 for securing the first line over the river

  4. The largest cavalry charge in history occurred in 1683 at the battle of Vienna. Lead by the Polish King, 20,000 Polish and German Knights charged the Ottoman army, breaking their lines and causing the ottomans to retreat in defeat. The battle marked the end of Ottoman expansion into Europe.

  5. Marie Curie's lab papers from the 1890's are still radioactive. They are stored in lead-lined boxes and one must don protective gear to see them.

  6. One of the most famous lines in movie history, "You're going to need a bigger boat" from Jaws, was actually an ad-lib on set; furthermore, the audience screams at test screenings obscured the line, leading to a longer pause before hearing the line.

  7. Harrison Ford was fitting a door for Francis Ford Coppola, when a studio executive, testing actresses for a new film, asked him to help out by reading the lines written by a male lead. The new film was Star Wars.

  8. At age 35, Harrison Ford fitting a door for Francis Ford Coppola when a studio executive, testing actresses for new film, asked him to help out by reading the lines written for the male lead. The film was "Star Wars".

  9. Coca-Cola has been used effectively as a first line treatment for phytobezoars, a trapped mass in the stomach composed of indigestible plant material which can lead to serious symptoms. 93.1% cases were resolved.

  10. When railway tycoon George Pullman died in 1897, his family was so afraid that his corpse would be desecrated by employees, they buried him at night in a pit 8 feet deep, encased in floors and walls of steel-reinforced concrete in a lead-lined casket covered in layers of asphalt and steel rails.

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Charlie Brown repeats the line "I got a rock" in the 1966 special "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown". This caused an overwhelming viewer response leading to bags and boxes of candy being sent to creator Charles Schulz "just for Charlie Brown."

About Richard L. McKinley, who died in a nuclear plant accident. His body ended so contaminated that had to be buried in a lead-lined casket which was then sealed in concrete and placed in a metal vault and cannot be moved from its location without the approval of the Atomic Energy Commission. - source

Marie Curie, a Polish radium physicist in the 20th century was exposed to so much radiation during her life that her notebooks must be kept in lead-lined boxes. They will still be dangerously radioactive for another 1,500+ years. - source

Marie Curie's notebook has to be kept in a lead-lined box, and won't be safe to handle for another 1,601 years. If you want to visit some of her other person items, you have to sign a liability waiver.

Vladimir Chevchenko was the documentary maker that captured footage in the days after the Chernobyl disaster. He died a year later due to the exposure to radiation. The camera he used to film with was also contaminated and is now stored in a lead lined cask outside Kiev. - source

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Stretch marks are also called by their technical name, striae, which are actually scars. The skin stretches so quickly that the collagen and elastic tissue are damaged, leading to the characteristic line-like appearance of the skin.

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Marie Curie an her possessions are still radioactive. She is burried in a coffen lined with an inch of lead and her notes are kept safe in a lead-lined box in France's National Library

The design of turtles' shells is much like that of insect's wings: A line of hexagons bounded by pentagons, leading to straight edges.

Hood had hoped that by leading his troops into Nashville, he could cut off the Union supply line and force Sherman's army out of Georgia.

3 days after Lynyrd Skynyrd released the song "That Smell", featuring lines like "the smell of death surrounds you", several members of the band, including lead singer Ronnie Van Zant, died in a plane crash.

Harriet helped to lead the Combahee River expedition under James Montgomery in the Civil War. They blew up Southern Supply lines and freed hundreds of slaves.

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One of three victims of the United States' only fatal nuclear accident is buried in a lead-lined coffin at Arlington National Cemetery.

By the time of the Bhopal disaster the plant was not functioning properly. Safety systems did not work and lines and valves were in extremely poor shape. It is believed that water entered a pipe leading into a tank with 42 tons of MIC. An exothermic reaction occurred and gas began to leak. Within 45 to 60 minutes 30 of the 42 tons of MIC had been released into the atmosphere.

On April 30, 1970, U.S. and ARVN forces invading Cambodia on the ground to take out supply depots and lines. The campaign had mixed results: it pushed the Cambodian Communists away from North Vietnam, but news of it was immediately known in the U.S., leading to more protests.

Despite the popularity of the Japanese Shinkansen (high-speed train network), the opening of the first line was surrounded with controversy over the project's cost, leading to the resignation of its creator, Shinji Sogō

For firefighters the leading cause of death in the line of duty is having a heart attack

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1940's movie leading man Randolph Scott applied for membership at the L.A Country Club and was turned down as the club did not accept actors. To which Scott replied along the lines of " I have 50 movies proving I'm not an actor". He was then accepted as a member

Korean Air Lines Flight 902 was shot down by Soviet fighters after magnetic interference confused the crew. The lead fighter pilot tried to convince his superiors that the plane was civilian, but was ordered to shoot it down anyway. The crash killed 2 passengers, and the rest were returned.

The hit song American Women came about from a jam session in which the lead guitarist broke a string, This lead the lead singer to improvise the famous lines to American Women.

Marie Curie's long-term exposure to radiation was so high that her papers from the 1890s are kept in lead-lined boxes, and anyone who wants to consult them must wear protective clothing, as they are considered too dangerous to handle.

The leading cause of death amongst firefighters killed in the line of duty is heart attack — 44%.

The sperm whales in the Gulf of Alaska have learned how to team up to hunt fish right off long lines of Black Cod fishers’ hooks. Every year more whales are coming to eat from the fishing line buffet, leading some scientists to speculate that they’re somehow communicating and sharing tips.

Until 1978 the New York Times was melting bars of lead in their basement to typeset every line of the paper, every day.

In 1910 they could remotely transmit photos through telegraph lines, printing in fish glue with lead foil.

Adrian Brody turned up at the premier of The Thin Red Line thinking he was the lead character of the movie not knowing director Terrence Malik had cut his role down to a side character

The body of a wealthy 1900s socialite ingested so much radium, he's now buried in a lead lined coffin

Many home water service lines are still made of lead and are quite safe due to the chemistry of proper water treatment. Lead pipes are only dangerous when corrosion occurs.

To capture samples from nuclear detonations, remote-controlled B-17 bombers were flown into the resulting mushroom clouds. When these drones proved ineffective, planes were lined with lead and flown through the mushroom clouds by human pilots.

In a departure from convention, "Think for Yourself" includes two bass guitar parts – one standard and one played through a fuzzbox. The fuzz bass serves as a lead guitar line throughout the song and marked the first time that a bass guitar had been recorded using a fuzzbox device.

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