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Before becoming the First Lady of Texas, Laura Bush worked as a grade school teacher and librarian.

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Laura was raised as a Methodist.

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  1. Not only is Laura Bush's favorability always high in nearly every poll at around 80%, her unfavorability was never much above 10%.

  2. She campaigned for her brother-in-law Jeb Bush in 2015 in his bid for the presidency, but when he routinely came in last in the polls he dropped out of the race. Laura didn"t support another Republican candidate and didn"t vote for President Trump in the 2016 election.

  3. Laura Bush keeps a relatively low-profile, although she does at times speak at charity fundraisers.

  4. After George's second term was over, he and Laura moved back to Texas. They reside in an upscale neighborhood of Dallas.

  5. During her husband's second term, Laura traveled throughout Africa to raise awareness for AIDS and malaria prevention programs.

  6. Due to her likable image, and what a contrast she was to outgoing First Lady Hillary Clinton, Bush's campaign advisors tried to work Laura into as many events as possible during the 2000 presidential campaign. She delivered the keynote speech at the Republican Presidential Convention.

  7. Laura killed a classmate in a 1963 traffic accident. Although she clearly ran a stop sign and admittedly was at fault, she was never charged with a crime in the case.

  8. In addition to her BS in education, Laura earned a MLS in library science from the University of Texas, Austin.

  9. Laura Bush became an advocate in the fight against breast cancer after her mother was diagnosed with the disease.

  10. In 2001 Southpark Creators had an entire TV show dedicated to making fun of George & Laura Bush

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She developed a close connection with the women of Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks. She claimed that Americans were truly concerned with the plight of women in that country after 9-11 and that most wanted to do something about it.

George Bush's Daughter Laura Bush Converted To Islam... - source

Laura Bush supports gay marriage and is pro-choice. - source

After Stephen Colbert's famous White House Correspondents speech, Fist Lady Laura Bush told him to 'get fucked' (25:39)

After Stephen Colbert's famous Correspondents Dinner speech, First Lady Laura Bush told him to 'get fucked' - source

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Mikael Gorbachev and President H.W. Bush oncr tried to pressure David Lynch into telling them who killed Laura Palmer

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Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev once asked then-President George H.W. Bush to use his influence to find out who killed Laura Palmer before it was revealed in the orginal series.

Laura Bush Killed A Man Before She Became The First Lady

Laura Bush, at the age of 17, ran a stop sign and killed a male classmate. The boy's father was driving behind him and saw the whole thing. No charges were filed.

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