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Krubera Cave's Arabika Massif mountain block was written about in the early 1900s by Edouard-Alfred Martel, a speleologist from France. He published papers after visiting the massif.

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Some of the passageways in Krubera Cave had to be widened to make it possible for cave divers and explorers to venture further.

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  1. A cave in Mexico's Oaxaca region is set to be explored in 2017 and some believe it may be deeper than Krubera Cave's depth record. However there are many more caves to be explored around the world that some believe will prove to be even deeper.

  2. The cave system that includes Krubera starts high in the mountains at approximately 2,256 meters.

  3. In 2010 exploration of Krubera Cave reached 1,710 meters.

  4. Krubera Cave is one of five caves in the Arabika Massif mountain block to reach depths more than 1,000 meters.

  5. There are 12 arthropod species in Krubera Cave and a beetle called the Catops Cavicis that is endemic.

  6. Krubera Cave is a deep, mostly vertical cave system. Passages in the cave system can be narrow and difficult to pass or wide and very large.

  7. The deepest living terrestrial animal found on earth can be found in Krubera Cave. This is a 3mm cellembole with no eyes and is believed to survive on fungus and organic material. It can live as far down into the earth as 1,980 meters.

  8. In the 1960s it was discovered that Krubera Cave could reach more than 310 meters.

  9. It is believed that the caves of Arabika Massif, including Krubera Cave, were formed as the mountains began to rise approximately five million years ago.

  10. In 1909 and 1910 Alexander Kruber began to study Arabika. He published writing about Arabika. Krubera Cave was later named after him.

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Gennadiy Samokhin holds the record for deepest cave dive at 2,197 m in Krubera Cave, which is the deepest known cave in the world with an explored depth of 2,197 m (7,208 ft)

In 2012 a team of cave divers set up camp in Krubera and the new record of 2,197 meters was reached by Gennadiy Samokhin.

From the early 1910s to 1960 exploration of Krubera Cave was mostly ignored by the geology community.

The Plutomurus Ortobalaganensis is the deepest terrestrial animal ever found on Earth, living at 1,980 metres (6,500 ft) below the entrance to the Krubera Cave

The Krubera Cave in Georgia is the deepest cave on Earth, descending over 2 kilometers into the depths of the Earth's crust - source

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Krubera Cave Is The Deepest Cave In The Wold ( Highest Peak 2.705 Meters )

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