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In 2012, the Walmart with the most Facebook likes would get a visit from Pitbull. Internet pranksters quickly made the most remote Walmart in the US (located in Kodiak, Alaska) the most liked Walmart page. Pitbull kept his promise and performed there.

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In 2012, Pitbull was involved in an advertising campaign with Walmart, in which the Walmart store that received the most Facebook "likes", would have Pitbull visit and put on a show there. An orchestrated campaign for him to end up in Kodiak, Alaska was successful.

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  1. 4chan rigged Pitbull's facebook contest so that he would perform at a Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska, a city with a population of less than 7000. Despite knowing what happened, Pitbull went through with it anyways.

  2. In 2012, Walmart held a contest, in which the rapper Pitbull would perform in a Walmart with the most likes on its FB page. After the #ExilePitbull Twitter campaign, the shop in the remote island town of Kodiak, Alaska, ended up winning.

  3. Pitbull tried to promote his energy drink by promising to go to the Walmart that received the most likes. As a result, he was sent to Kodiak, Alaska, a city that only has around 6,000 people.

  4. L on May 6, 2016, the city of Kodiak (Alaska) changed its spelling to "Kodiaq" to honor a car by Czech manufacturer Skoda.

  5. Alaska is home to Kodiak bears, polar bears, grizzly bears and moose, among many other species.

  6. In 1999 a 69 year old hunter in Alaska successfully fought and killed a Kodiak bear with just a four in blade after it ambushed him while he was skinning a deer

  7. When online voters (i.e., 4Chan) voted Pitbull to perform in Kodiak, Alaska (i.e., middle of nowhere), Pitbull followed through.

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