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After the release of Bette David Eyes in 1981, Bette Davis wrote to Kim Carnes to thank her for "making her part of modern times", saying that her grandson now looked up to her. She even sent roses when the song won a Grammy

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Kentucky Champion of traditional marriage values Kim Davis has been married four times and had numerous affairs while married.

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  1. Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk denying marriage licenses to gay couples, is on her 4th marriage.

  2. Australian Russell Mulcahy directed many 1980s music videos including "Video Killed the Radio Star" for The Buggles, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" for Bonnie Tyler, "Bette Davis Eyes" for Kim Carnes, and several for Ultravox, Duran Duran, and Elton John

  3. In her victory speech, Kim Davis SPECIFICALLY (and ironically) said that she will "be a good steward of their tax dollars and follow the statutes of this office to the letter"

  4. Kim Novak and Sammy Davis, Jr. had a passionate affair until Novak's producer threatened to take out a hit on Davis, causing him to break up with her and marry an African-American showgirl.

  5. Kim Davis was offered half a million dollars to film an interracial lesbian porn scene; she declined.

  6. Kim Davis was a registered Democrat until this past Friday

  7. Kim Davis, infamous for her refusal to issue marriage licenses to LGBT couples, was elected to a higher position by the Democratic Party, a staunchly pro-LGBT party, and is currently being paid $80,000 annually.

  8. On the Rowan County Clerk's website, Kim Davis says "As county clerk I am responsible for... issuing and registering, recording and keeping various legal records..." She knows she is not fulfilling her responsibilities, yet she continues to cash her paycheck.

  9. Kim Davis, controversial county clerk in KY, who refused to issue marriage licenses because of her religious beliefs, has been married four times and had two children out of wedlock...

  10. Kim Davis, who is portrayed as a conservative right wing religious nut, is in fact a Democrat.

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Kim Davis, the Kentucky Clerk who refused marriage licenses of homosexual couples, has been married four times to three different men. She is also mother of twins, who were born five months after her divorce from her first husband, however the third husband is the biological father of the twins.

Crazy lady Kim Davis is a Democrat. I would have bet my next three pay checks that she was a Republican - source

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