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JFK's sister Rosemary Kennedy, was born mentally disabled because during her birth, the doctor was not immediately available and the nurse ordered Rose Kennedy to keep her legs closed, forcing the baby’s head to stay in the birth canal for two hours...resulting in a harmful loss of oxygen.

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Rosemary Kennedy, sister of JFK, whose mental capacity was reduced to that of a two year old child and became incontinent after a lobotomy was performed on her without her mother's permission

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  1. President John F. Kennedy's younger sister, Rosemary Kennedy, was diagnosed as mentally deficient and forced to undergo a lobotomy. She was strapped to a table against her will and lobotomized, permanently incapacitating and institutionalizing her until her death in 2005.

  2. Kathleen Kennedy, sister of JFK, was disowned by her family- especially her mother- after marrying an Anglican. After being widowed during WWII, she then chose to marry a divorcee, but died in a plane crash. Only her father went to her funeral.

  3. John F. Kennedy's sister, Rosemary, was lobotomized at the age of 23. Her Father authorized it and didn't tell the family until after. The truth only came out after John was elected President.

  4. Rosemary Kennedy, sister of Pres. JFK, who was forced to undergo a frontal lobotomy at 23 by her father "Joe" Kennedy, which failed and left her unable to walk or speak for the rest of her life; she eventually inspired the Special Olympics.

  5. JFK's sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver Founded the Special Olympics

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John F. Kennedy had a sister who was developmentally delayed and that she was permanently disabled at age 23 by a frontal lobotomy. - source

Rosemary Kennedy, JFK's sister, who was mentally delayed and epileptic after she was forced to stay in the birth canal for two hours during birth. When her father became worried that she would embarrass the family, she had a lobotomy that left her with the mental capacities of a two-year-old.

President Kennedy's sister, Rosemary, underwent a lobotomy and sent away to live at an institution in 1949. No family member seems to have visited her there until 1958, when JFK secretly paid a call while campaigning. After he became president the family acknowledged that Rosemary was disabled - source

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While JFK's sister, Rosemary Kennedy, was having her lobotomy performed, the doctor measured how much of her brain to cut by having her sing "God Bless America"

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Rosemary Kennedy, John F Kennedy's older sister was lobotomized at the age of 23. It failed and left her permanently incapacitated. Inspiring her sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver to launch the Special Olympics.

Rosemary Kennedy (JFK's sister), after receiving a lobotomy at the young age of 23, lived out the rest of her life being institutionalized.

Lauren Bessette, the sister of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, was a twin. Both died when their plane crashed along with John F. Kennedy Jr.

The United States performed more lobotomies than any other nation, including one on John F. Kennedy's elder sister, Rosemary, leaving her in a near-vegetative state. (Lobotomies were surgically applied brain damage intended to "cure" mental illness.)

Rosemary Kennedy: The Tragic Story of Why JFK’s Sister Disappeared from Public View

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John F Kennedy's sister, Rosemary was misdiagnosed as mentally retarded. In an effort to 'protect' his future in politics from the news of his daughter, her father gave a professor permission to perform a prefrontal lobotomy, leaving her with the mental capacity of a 1-2 year old.

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