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Dennis Richie, who along with Ken Thompson, created the C programming language in the 60s, the most influential language in history, as well as Unix (THE operating system behind MacOS and Linux), died a week after Steve Jobs in 2011. His death was ignored due to media coverage of Jobs' death.

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The first version of grep, the Unix file searching utility, was written overnight by Ken Thompson to help Lee E. McMahon analyze the text of the Federalist Papers to determine authorship of the individual papers.

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  1. Google hired Ken Thompson, co-inventor of Unix and UTF-8. He wasn't allowed to commit any code to any Google project, though, because he refused to complete the mandatory contrived interview programming test.

  2. Ken Thompson developed UNIX to play the video game Space Travel

  3. Ken Thompson and Dennies Ritchie, two famour early programmers, who had been working together for years, once accidentally wrote exactly the same program, without knowing what the other did.

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