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Phil Hartman, who voiced Simpsons characters Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure was murdered by his drug affected wife Brynn while he slept in 1998. SNL's Jon Lovitz partly blamed Andy Dick for re-introducing Brynn to drugs, which sparked an altercation where Lovitz smashed Dicks face into a bar.

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Jon Lovitz blames Andy Dick for contributing to the death of Phil Hartman by giving Hartman’s sober wife coke causing her to relapse and have a mental breakdown

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  1. The original voice actors for the Red and Yellow M&M characters were Jon Lovitz and John Goodman. The current voice actors are Futurama alum Billy West and Academy Award winner JK Simmons

  2. Jon Lovitz blames Andy Dick for the death of former SNL and Simpsons star Phil Hartman. After confronting him about it, Lovitz repeatedly smashed Dick's head into a bar.

  3. Mild-mannered Jon Lovitz went nuts on Andy Dick at a comedy club accusing him of being somewhat responsible for Phil Hartman's death. Dick apparently got Hartman's wife back on drugs. Phil was shot five months later.

  4. Jon Lovitz once slammed Andy Dick's head into a bar

  5. When Lorne Michaels wanted to make big changes to Saturday Night Live in 1986, he ended the season with a cliffhanger in which the cast members are caught in a fire and only Jon Lovitz is saved. Lovitz was among the three cast members who were not fired when the show returned.

  6. Phil Hartman (voice of Troy McClure and notable SNL actor) was killed by his wife in his sleep. His death while not only tragic, also fueled a feud between Andy Dick and Jon Lovitz.

  7. Jon Lovitz & Dana Carvey were originally supposed to star in 'Bad Boys'

  8. The Michael Bay film 'Bad Boys' was originally going to star Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey instead of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

  9. 'Voices That Care', a 1991 Gulf War Charity Single, included vocals from Mike Tyson, Michael Bolton, Will Smith, Little Richard, The Shat, Michael Jordan, Don King, Cindy Crawford, Magic Johnson, Celine Dion, Luther Vandross, Jon Lovitz, Bobby Brown, James Woods, JCVD & many others.

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Andrew Dice Clay almost FIGHTS Jon Lovitz and ROASTS his soul

[TiL] Joe Pesci & Jon Lovitz lived together for a couple of years - source

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