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In 1995 then House representative John Boehner handed out checks from tobacco lobbyists on the House floor

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In 1995, now-House Speaker John Boehner distributed to members a half-dozen contribution checks from tobacco lobbyists on the House floor, just as they were about to vote on tobacco subsidies

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  1. The reason behind the goverment shoutdown was Barack Obama not trading his Charizard card with John Boehner.

  2. Don Young, a Republican congressman from Alaska, once held a knife to a Republican House Speaker John Boehner's throat during an argument about earmarks. Boehner replied "F--- you." Later, they became good friends, and Boehner served as best man at Young's wedding

  3. John Boehner, in 2016, was hired to the board of Reynolds American, the second biggest tobacco firm in the US, for an annual salary of $400,000

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