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Jesus' foreskin is called the "Holy Prepuce" and several European churches have claimed to be in possession of it and that it has miraculous powers

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In the 17th century, the librarian of the Vatican wrote a treatise on how Jesus' foreskin ascended to become the rings of Saturn.

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  1. A German peasant girl claimed she tasted the sweet foreskin of Jesus during communion in the 13th century. Her confessor's notes about it were published 500 years later, confiscated and put on the index of banned books, then re-released in the 20th century.

  2. An essay by 17th century philosopher Leo Allatius which claims that the circumcised foreskin of Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven at the same time as him, and became the rings of Saturn

  3. St. Catherine of Siena had a vision of marrying Jesus in which he placed a ring made of his own foreskin on her finger.

  4. Since Charlemagne claimed to present Jesus' actual foreskin to Pope Leo III, over 20 churches have claimed to have the real "Holy Foreskin." To distance themselves from the frauds, in 1900, the Holy Catholic Church deemed it an excommunicable offense to reference the "Holy Foreskin."

  5. In the 15th Century, Henry V of England sent his cavalry into France in order to retrieve the foreskin of Jesus

  6. The Italian town of Calcata paraded around what was to believed to be Jesus' foreskin every year on January 1st, in honor of the Feast of Circumcision. The practice ended when the jewel encrusted box it was in was stolen from the priest' home.

  7. About the "Holy Prepuce" ("holy foreskin"), one of several relics attributed to Jesus. There were up to 18 different holy foreskins around in various European towns during the Middle Ages, each acclaimed to be an original piece of Jesus Christ.

  8. Leo Allatius believed Jesus Christ's foreskin formed Saturn's rings.

  9. By the 12th Century, 21 different churches claimed to possess Jesus Christ's foreskin. The Pope was eventually called upon to decide which one was authentic

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Leo Allatius (a 17th century theologian) believed Jesus Christ's foreskin formed Saturn's ring as it ascended separately from him when he rose to heaven

A Greek Philosopher and Vatican Library Keeper believed that the rings of Saturn was the foreskin of Jesus - source

As many as 18 different churches throughout Europe during the Middle Ages claimed to own the foreskin of Jesus Christ - source

Disagreeing claims about what church had the genuine foreskin of Jesus (separated at his circumcision) as a relic lead the Roman Catholic Church in 1900 to declare that anyone claiming that any relic was the genuine foreskin would be excommunicated.

You can not only get excommunicated from the Catholic Church, but literally shunned, for even mentioning Jesus' foreskin - source

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Jesus' foreskin is considered a holy relic that is said to have miraculous powers. A vatican librarian claims it has gone to heaven with Jesus and later became the rings of saturn

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Leo Allatius, the 17th century Vatican librarian wrote a thesis that claimed the rings of Saturn are made from Jesus' Foreskin

There are people that believe Jesus had his foreskin restored during the Ascension

After Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne the Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne gave him the alleged severed foreskin of Jesus Christ as a thank-you gift.

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At one point, a number of churches claimed the one foreskin of Jesus, and there were enough splinters of the "True Cross" that Calvin said the amount of wood would make "a full load for a good ship."

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