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On the island of Yap they use giant stone disks as currency. Instead of moving the stones, they trade them by agreeing that a stone has a new owner. In fact, when one stone fell into the ocean, people continued to trade the stone despite it being underwater and inaccessible.

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Yap, an island that uses massive stones for currency. It is said that one of these stones which had sunk to the bottom of the ocean while being transported years ago continues to be used as real currency today despite not having been seen since.

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  1. The Yap - a people who use large stone discs for money. Rather than exchange them, they just note who the owner is. German colonial rulers imposed fines on the Yapese by marking them with paint indicating they belonged to Germany. The islanders who "lost their fortunes" quickly acquiesced.

  2. Some of the islands found in the Philippine Sea include Bonin Islands, Dinagat Islands, Guam, Honshu, Luzon, Mariana Islands, Polillo Islands, Ryukyu Islands, Saipan, Taiwan, Ulithi, and Yap.

  3. The Micronesian island of Yap uses some 6000 stones (ranging in size of a few cm to 4m) as a currency. As these Rai stones are too heavy to be physically moved, transactions involve an acknowledgement of ownership change, and an oral history past owners must be passed on to the new owner.

  4. The island of Yap near Japan. They use giant limestone disks, some weighing several tons as currency. It's also noted that economists love it because it helps answer this really basic question: What is money?

  5. Rai Stones are large stone disks used as currency on Yap Island for hundreds of years. They are quarried on Palau, some 300 miles away. Because they are so large, they are not physically exchanged. Instead, the ownership is remembered in their oral history.

  6. The inhabitants of the Pacific island of Yap use a currency consisting of stone disks, called Rai. These disks can measure up to 4 meters (12ft) in diameter.

  7. Zika virus infected 75% of the population on the island of Yap in 2007, after infecting only a handful of humans since its discovery in the Zika Forest in 1947

  8. The introduction of iron tools by Europeans cause hyperinflation of stone currency on Yap island

  9. The massive stone dime that Mr. Krabs had in the episode where he fires Squidward was a Rai stone, a form of currency on the island of Yap in Micronesia

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