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Juan Pujol Garcia was a British double agent during WWII. He told Hitler D-Day would happen at the Strait of Dover, earning him the German Iron Cross. It was actually carried out at Normandy, earning him the British MBE.

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The Iron Front, a democratic paramilitary group that opposed the Nazis in the early 1930s, and who's flag was designed to cross out the Swastika if superimposed on a Nazi flag.

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  1. During the Second World War, British double agent Eddie "Zigzag" Chapman and his MI5 colleagues faked a sabotage on an airplane factory. The 'damage' caused was so realistic that the German fell for it, and Chapman was awarded the Iron Cross for his action.

  2. Hans-Ulrich Rudel is the only person to be awarded the "Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds", the highest a soldier could achieve; he flew 2,530 combat missions and was shot down or forced to land 32 times, several times behind enemy lines.

  3. Joan Garcia, a WW2 double-agent spying for Britain was so successful that Hitler personally awarded him an Iron Cross before King George gave him an Order of the British Empire. Germany never discovered his lies, making him one if not the only person to get such honors from both countries.

  4. Eddie Chapman - a professional criminal and prolific womanizer who became an important British double agent during WWII. He once convinced both British and German intelligence to house and pay each of his two fiancees in opposite warzones. He is the only Briton to win the German Iron Cross.

  5. The German WWI officer that recommended Hitler for an Iron Cross was Jewish. He was arrested and later released by the SS once they discovered his identity.

  6. In WW2, the Soviet Union had an all female airforce regiment of night bombers known as the Night Witches. These women were so feared among the Nazis that they would award the Iron Cross to anyone that managed to shoot just one of them down.

  7. Nazi-Germany tried to award a Finnish-Jewish soldier named Leo Skurnik with an Iron Cross. He told them he'd wipe his arse with it.

  8. Salomon Klass, a Finnish Jewish captain was nominated for the German Iron Cross who stopped a Soviet counterattack 7 times during the Continuation War between Finland, Germany and the USSR. He was among three Finnish Jews to get nominated for the award, they all refused it.

  9. The Nazis produced their own range of Christmas decorations and wrapping paper, featuring swastikas and Iron Crosses

  10. The rare genetic condition myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy can give babies and toddlers the ability to perform amazing feats of strength. One such case was Liam Hoekstra, who could perform upside-down situps, and could lift himself into an Iron Cross position across his mother's hands.

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The longest train in the world was an iron ore train from Australia. It was made up of 682 wagons, had a length of 7.3 kilometers (4.5 miles), and weighed over 99,000 tonnes. At top speed it would take over 7 minutes to fully travel past a railway crossing.

In the German version of CoD: World at War, all swastikas were removed and replaced with iron crosses, and all depictions of Adolf Hitler were replaced with other high ranking officers. - source

Eddie Chapman - Criminal and WW2 Double Agent that was so trusted by the Germans he received the Iron Cross. - source

327 Finnish Jews fought alongside their ally, Nazi Germany, in World War II, and 23 died. Jewish soldiers had a field synagogue and were granted leave on Saturdays and religious holidays. Three were even offered the German Iron Cross medal, but all refused the honor.

Juan Pujol García, a WWII double agent who was so successful he was awarded both the Nazi Iron Cross as well as an MBE (British knighthood), becoming one of the only people in the world to have been highly decorated by both sides of the war. - source

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A Spanish spy who was awarded both a Nazi Iron Cross and an Order of the British Empire - he was a double agent who was critical in the success of the D-day landings

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Nazi test pilot Melitta von Stauffenberg was only the 2nd woman to become 'Flugkapitänin' (flight captain), flew over 2,000 dive tests, and received the Iron Cross, second class. She was categorised by the Nazis as a 'Jewish half-breed of the first degree'

Joan Pujol Garcia was a spy for both the Germans and Allies during WW2. He received both the Iron Cross (from Hitler) and the MBE (from King Geoerge VI) for his work.

There was an Irish born British soldier named William Manley who won both the Victoria Cross and the Iron Cross during his service.

Despite national spy paranoia, MI5 successfully identified or captured all 25 German agents sent to Britain during WWII. Many were recruited as double agents, some of whom were even awarded the Iron Cross for providing information deliberately leaked by the British in the run up to D-Day.

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A Spanish spy became a double agent during WWII and was so successful that he went on to receive a MBE from Britain AND the Iron Cross from Germany

In 1922 an Iron Cross decorated Jewish German war hero punched Hitler in the face

In January 1917, after he earned his sixteenth victory, Richthofen was awarded the medal of merit, known colloquially at the time as the "Blue Max." He would later earn several other medals, including the Iron Cross.

In WW2 Germany and Finland were allies, and Finnish Jews fought side by side with Germans. One Jewish doctor saved the lives of hundreds of Germans, including SS officers, and Berlin offered him the Iron Cross: the doctor refused, saying "Tell your German colleagues that I wipe my arse with it!"

The Lieutenant Hug Gutmann who recommended Hitler for the Iron Cross in WWI was Jewish. Later he was arrested by the SS but he was released once it was discovered he had been the one to recommend the Iron Cross for Hitler in WWI.

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Juan Pujol Garcia, a Spanish chicken farmer who was a double agent for the British during WWII, received both an Iron Cross and MBE.

Juan Pujol Garcia, a Spaniard who was tasked by the British MI5 in World War 2 to feed misinformation to German intelligence, has the distinction of being the only man to have received a German Iron Cross, Second Class and a Member of the Order of the British Empire.

Spaniard Joan Pujol Garcia decided to become a spy. He later received both the Iron Cross from Hitler and the an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) from King George VI. He was a double agent that helped pull off D-day.

Juan Pujol García was a Spanish citizen who deliberately became a double agent against Nazi Germany during WWII. Pujol had the distinction of receiving decorations from both sides, gaining an Iron Cross from Germany and a Member of the Order of the British Empire from Britain.

After his first pontoon bridge to cross Hellespont was ruined by a storm, Xerxes I of Persia beheaded the builders and punished for Hellespont, by throwing fetters into the strait, whipping it 300 times and branding it with red-hot irons as his soldiers shouted. The next bridge worked.

As part of the Continuation War between Finland and the Soviet Union, Finnish Jewish doctors saved the lives of German soldiers and some Jewish officers were even offered the German Iron Cross for their service

In spite of having no military experience, Belgian politician Leon Degrelle volunteered to serve in the Nazi German military in 1941. Afterwards, he quickly rose up the ranks, received the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross from Hitler's hands, and fled to Spain after the end of World War II.

The Iron Cross, wrongly associated with the Nazis by many people today, was actually first commissioned during the Napoleonic Wars by the Prussian King. Its design was inspired by the cross used by the German Crusaders in the Middle Ages.

Hanna Reitsch, the only woman to receive the Iron Cross First Class, was the first female helicopter pilot.

There are 140 Axis POW graves in Fort Sam Houston Cemetery, two of which have Iron Cross's with swastikas inscribed in them

The longest pro wrestling match happened on 6 November 2010 for Shockwave Impact Wrestling. It was labeled "The Ultimate Iron Man Match" and was contested between American Kickboxer II, Dark Angel, DJ Tom Sharp, Logan Cross, Sid Fabulous, and "Lightning" Tim Lutz. Lutz won after 12 hours.

A hotel manager played a pivotal role in D-day, winning medals from both the British and Nazis – an MBE from King George VI and the Iron Cross from Hitler.

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