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The Joint Chiefs of Staff planned a series of terrorist attacks on US cities, and wanted to blame Cuba, so they could invade it (more links in the comments).

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Top US government officials proposed committing acts of terror against US citizens in false flag attacks as a pretext to invade Cuba, before being denied by President Kennedy.

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  1. The first attempt to invade Cuba from the U.S. was in 1849 by Narciso Lopez

  2. After CIA failed attempt to invade Cuba at Bay of Pigs revolutionary leader Che Guevara actually thanked President Kennedy and the US for the invasion "it had been a great political victory for them—enabled them to consolidate—and transformed them from an aggrieved little country to an equal”

  3. Eyeball to eyeball" story of Cuban missile crisis,citing which US is rarely willing to budge, is actually a myth, in reality Soviets were already 750 miles away from blockade point returning when Kennedy guaranteed to never invade Cuba and take Jupiter missiles out of Turkey

  4. The US operation to invade Cuba and take down Fidel Castro was dubbed "Operation Castration."

  5. Fidel Castro wrote a letter to Nikita Khrushchev basically asking the Soviets to destroy America with nuclear weapons if the US invaded Cuba.

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