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60% of people do not produce smelly flatulence because they lack the gut bacteria responsible for producing hydrogen sulphide during digestion.

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At the ocean floor of Mariana Trench there are hot water vents that emit minerals such as hydrogen sulphide which feed the barophilic bacteria that feed microbes that in turn feed the ocean's fish.

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  1. There is a nebula nicknamed the Rotten Egg Nebula. This is due to the high levels of sulfuric compounds in the cloud such as hydrogen-sulphide and sulphur-dioxide.

  2. The composition of a fart is Nitrogen 9%, Hydrogen 21%, Carbon dioxide 9%, Methane 7%, Oxygen 4%, Hydrogen sulphide 1% (This is what makes a smelly fart)

  3. Uranus’ atmosphere contains methane and hydrogen sulphide. In other words, Uranus smells like farts.

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