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America's last stagecoach robbery. 1916: a wagon headed for Jarbidge, NV was hit. The driver was killed and $4,000 vanished. A drifter, Ben Kuhl, was tied to the crime by a bloody palm print. This marked the first time palm print evidence was used in a U.S. court. The $4,000 was never found.

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Michael De Luca, Sylvester Stallone's former bodyguard, was shot to death by the police in 2013. He hit a palm tree on Surfside Drive and engaged in confrontation with responding officers. He claimed he had a handgun, prompting them to shoot. No gun was found.

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  1. The sound that comes from snapping your fingers comes from your finger hitting your palm, not from the friction of the thumb and finger snapping.

  2. The sound of snapping your finger comes from your finger hitting your palm, and not from your fingers rubbing together.

  3. The noise from a finger snap sound comes from the middle finger hitting the meat of the palm near the base of the thumb at speed... NOT from the friction between the digits.

  4. In 2007 Richard Branson jumped off the side of Palms Casino to celebrate Virgin America’s first flight to Las Vegas. He hit the building twice while traveling at 100mph and ended up ripping his trousers, bruising his bottom and hanging there like a rag doll.

  5. Most of the sound when you snap your fingers comes from rapid compression/decompression of air and not from your thumb hitting your palm.

  6. The Michael Jackson song, 'Ben', was written for the killer rat film Ben, the sequel to Willard (1971), and it was nominated for an Academy award and was MJ's first solo hit. I can't not imagine him singing to a rat sitting in the palm of his hand now.

  7. The sound made when snapping your fingers is from your middle finger hitting your palm, not the friction between your middle finger and thumb

  8. The noise made from snapping your fingers is actually your middle finger hitting your palm. @frazercb

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