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The Hindu god Shiva has long been linked to cannabis. Shiva came and drank the poison created by the cosmic ocean, but over time it made him so hot he needed to be cooled down. Marijuana is supposed to be a coolant – so it is said that Shiva smokes weed to keep his body temperature down.

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Hinduism, unlike most Western faiths, historically treats homosexuality as a natural behavior and there are atleast 19 LGBT gods in the Hindu mythology.

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  1. In Hindu Cosmology the God Brahma is not immortal. Rather his life-span is 311 trillion 40 billion (311,040,000,000,000) earth years, during which he oversees the creation and annihilation of innumerable worlds and universes.

  2. The common misconception that 'The Hindu Pantheon is believed to have 330 million gods' arose from a simple misinterpretation of an old Sanskrit scripture, For the words 'trayastrimsa koti' which was confused between '33 supreme souls' and '33 crores' (330 million)

  3. One of the Hindu Gods, Ayyappa was born through a Homosexual intercourse between the chief Hindu gods Vishnu and Shiva.

  4. That, in 2005, Nepal Airlines sacrificed two goats in front of their two malfunctioning Boeing airplanes to appease Akash Bhairab, the Hindu sky god. According to a spokesperson, the snag was fixed and the aircraft could resume their flights.

  5. The Hindu god Shiva intends to destroy the universe with dance

  6. Heinrich Himmler, one of the key figures responsible for the Holocaust, was obsessed with Hinduism and took ideas from the most violent writings in Hinduism, even seeing Hitler as an incarnation of the Hindu god Krishna.

  7. The creator god of Hindu, Brahma has four hands. The first holds the Vedas (knowledge), the second holds Rosary (time), the third holds a Lotus (the means to feed sacrificial fire), the fourth holds a Water Pot (the means where all creation emanates from)

  8. The term Juggernaut stems from the Hindu God Jagannath, whose procession of huge car carrying his image, would result in accidental death of devotees, crushed under its wheel due to the unstoppable force of its movement

  9. An Indian man born with a tail, worshipped as an incarnation of the Hindu monkey god. He struggled to find a wife due to the anomaly. His current wife said "He doesn't look good. I lost my parents when I was young. My brothers wanted me to get married, so I had to compromise and marry him."

  10. Hardwood of sandalwood was used for building the temples and statues of Hindu gods and elephants in India. Due to belief that sandalwood plays role in reincarnation, essential oils are often used in the funeral rituals and for embalming.

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In Hindu mythology, the Gautama Buddha is regarded as an incarnation of the Hindu God, Vishnu, even though the Buddha denied being an incarnation of a God and did not believe in most of the Hindu scriptures.

Girls from Newar community in Nepal get married thrice; first to a Hindu God-Vishnu, second to the Sun and finally to a man ensuing they won't be widow even after their husband's demise thus preventing them from the torments of the medieval society - source

There are atleast 12 DC and Marvel characters that have been based on hindu gods and even Gandhi is mentioned in Marvel - source

There is a 5 day Hindu celebration in Nepal in which one day is devoted entirely to dogs. Dogs are believed to be messengers of Lord Yamaraj, the God of Death. People offer garlands, tika and delicious food to them and acknowledge the cherished relationship between humans and dogs.

Not only did Buddhism influence Japan, but Hinduism as well; there are about 25 shrines dedicated to Suiten, the Japanese name for the Hindu God Varuna, throughout Japan. - source

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About Goa Inquisition which was proposed by Francis Xavier, in which Hindu weddings were forbidden, Hindu temples destroyed, owning an image of Hindu god or goddess was deemed a criminal and people were executed, burnt in effigy

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There is a village in India where the houses don't have any doors and no thefts occur because the village is believed to be protected by a Hindu God.

Juggernaut comes from Jagannath (literally, "lord of the world") one of the form of Hindu god Vishnu.

Amar Bharati has been constantly holding his arm up to honor the Hindu deity Shiva since 1973. The reason for that is that Mr. Bharati is a Sadhu, a part of a religious group that advocates very hard challenges as acts of devotion to the god Shiva.

"Krishna" the popular Hindu God's name literally means "dark", "black" or "dark blue."

The elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesha has an elephant head because after he was decaptitated by demons that was the first replacement that could be found.

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Nepal's state-run airline once sacrificed two goats to appease a Hindu god, following technical problems with one of its aircraft.

Marvel censored M'baku's utterance of "Praise Hanuman!" in Indian releases of Black Panther, fearing that showing a seemingly villainous character praising a Hindu god would lead to backlash. Indians reacted highly negatively as they found that empowering rather than insulting.

The Trimūrti, roughly the Hindu Trinity, which typically comprises the gods Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver), and finally, Shiva, the destroyer.

The Mitanni, a kingdom in modern-day Syria/Turkey in around 1500BC. Despite being situated in the Middle East, it was ruled by an Indo-Aryan aristocracy from India. They are known to have followed Gods such as Indra and Varuna, modern Hindu Gods

There is a temple in Madhya Pradesh, India where hindu devotees come with faith, reverence to offer Liquor to the God.

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The Hindu god Shiva has long been linked to cannabis. He once drank a deadly poison named Halahala to protect the Earth, and had to use cannabis to alleviate the pain. That’s why Shiva is often represented smoking cannabis and referred to as “Lord of the Bhang” (the indian term for cannabis).

President Obama "always" carries a statue of the Hindu Monkey God, Hanuman in his pocket

Most of Hindu God and Goddess has fair skin even though most of Hindu nowadays has dark skin color

Atheistic schools are found in early Indian thought and have existed from the times of the historical Vedic religion. Among the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy, Samkhya, the oldest philosophical school of thought, does not accept God.

There is a book claiming that Adolf Hitler was an avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu

Indian PM Narendra Modi believes the hindu god Ganesha underwent the world's first plastic surgery to get his elephant face

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