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A hijacked Ethiopian Airlines plane was headed to Switzerland, but had to be intercepted by French/Italian fighter jets because the Swiss Air force doesn't work on nights and weekends.

how did the terrorists hijack the planes?

When the host of "Candid Camera" Allen Funt was on a flight that was highjacked, passengers recognized him and thought the it was all just a joke for the show. Despite his insistence that the hijacking was real, no one believed him until the plane landed in Cuba.

What was used to hijack the planes on 9 11?

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what weapons were used to hijack the 9/11 planes?

  1. Whilst filming the movie Entebbe, about a plane being hijacked, a plane was hijacked and landed at the airport on the day of the filming. They then filmed the real hostages being released and edited it into the movie. The producer called it a "blessing from the sky on a day of bad acting."

  2. A FedEx pilot inverted a cargo jet pinning a hijacker to the ceiling of the plane, performing maneuvers beyond all known capabilities to land safely

  3. A disgruntled employee attempted to hijack and crash a FedEx flight using hammers and a speargun. Despite their traumatic head injuries, one pilot flew the plane upside down while the other grappled with the assailant until he was subdued. Both pilots lived and managed to land the plane safely

  4. Neerja Bhanot, a 22 year old Indian air hostess who helped hide 41 American passports aboard a hijacked plane. She died shielding three children from gunfire and was posthumously awarded bravery medals from India, Pakistan, and the United States.

  5. In 1994, a disgruntled FedEx employee tried to hijack and crash a cargo flight, using hammers and a spear gun. Despite serious injuries during the attack, the pilot and crew were able to land the plane. The pilot flew the DC-10 upside down at times in an attempt to stop the hijacker

  6. Disgruntled FedEx employee tried to hijack and crash a cargo flight, armed with hammers and a spear gun. Despite serious injuries during the attack, the pilot and crew were able to land the plane. The pilot flew the plane upside down several times in an attempt to stop the hijacker.

  7. On May 25, 2000, Philippines Airlines flight 812 was hijacked by a man who robbed the passengers of their valuables and then asked the pilot to depressurise the plane so that he could jump out. He was pushed by a flight attendant out from the plane and his body was found three days later.

  8. The pilot episode of an offshoot of The X-Files called The Lone Gunmen featured its heroes racing to stop a plane getting hijacked by govt agents and flown into the World Trade Center to increase defense spending while blaming foreign enemies. Aired 6 months before 9/11.

  9. On 9/11/2001, North East Air Defense Sector commanding officer Kevin Nasypany remarked "The hijack's not supposed to be for another hour" because they had scheduled a simulation involving politically motivated asylum-seekers hijacking a plane & landing it on a Cuba-like island

  10. In 2014 Italian and French jets escorted a hijacked plane because the Swiss Air Force only works during office hours.

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Why did the hijackers hijack the plane?

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Alan Funt, creator of "Candid Camera", was on an airplane with his family that was hijacked. All of the passengers recognized Alan Funt, and thought it was a skit. No one took the hijacking seriously, until the plane was diverted and actually landed in Cuba.

A drunk Norwegian with an air gun hijacked a plane in 1985, with demands to speak to the prime minister. After consuming the plane's entire beer supply, he surrendered his weapon to authorities in exchange for more beer. There were no deaths or injuries. - source

2 of the 9/11 plane hijackers took a flight school in Florida to receive flight training, but told their instructors they didn’t need to be taught how to take off or land.

There is a theory that Tommy Wiseau, director of "The Room" is actually D.B. Cooper, a plane hijacker who escaped in the 70's. This is due to Tommy's shady past, which he has often covered up. - source

When indian plane hijack?

After a hijacked Ethiopian Air jet crashed in the ocean, an estimated 60-80 people who survived the initial water-crash ignored the captains pleas to not inflate the life vests inside the plane. They all drowned when rushing water pinned their inflated vests against the fuselage's ceiling.

How did al qaeda hijack the planes?

A man hijacked a plane to force the Pope to reveal the 3rd secret of Fátima

In the late 1960s, US plane hijacking had become so commonplace, specifically requests to be down to Cuba, but the industry so resistant to security changes, that a suggestion was seriously proposed to build a fake Havana airport in southern Florida to fool the hijackers into capitulation

After a wave of plane hijackers demanded passage to Cuba in the 1960s, the FAA considered building a fake Havana airport in Florida. US agents would wait for the plane to land and arrest the unsuspecting hijackers.

On 31 March 1970, a group of left-wing extremists from the Japanese Red Army Faction hijacked a plane with samurai swords and demanded to be taken to North Korea.

When was the last plane hijack?

In 1998 a Pakistani airliner was hijacked to India. Air traffic control pretended to be Indian and the plane landed at a Pakistani airport where airport officials, and paramilitary troops dressed as Indian nationals. The hijackers were arrested with no casualties.

In 1995 the Taliban hijacked a Russian cargo airplane and after a year in captivity the crew stole their plane back and flew it freedom.

At one point in the late sixties, a plane was hijacked and diverted to Cuba more than once a week.

How did they hijack the planes on 911?

The first Boeing 747 to fly a commercial route was also the first to be hijacked, 9 months after it flew its maiden commercial flight. 7 years later, it was also one of the planes destroyed in the Tenerife Airport Disaster.

On September 11th, Flight 93 was delayed by 42 Minutes. The hijacked planes were supposed to take off within 15 minutes of each other. That gave warning to the cockpit, and could have been the reason United 93 never hit their intended target.

Some U.S Fighter Jets scrambled on the morning of 9/11 did so without live ammunition, knowing that to prevent the hijackers from striking their intended targets, the pilots might have to intercept and crash their fighters into the hijacked planes, possibly ejecting at the last moment

The creator and host of the TV show "Candid Camera" was on a plane that was hijacked. The passengers saw him on the plane and assumed the whole thing was a Candid Camera stunt, they even gave the hijacker a standing ovation.

In 1969, when North Korean agent hijacked a Korean Airlines plane YS-11, only 39 of the 46 passengers were returned. 7 passengers and 4 crew members were never returned and their fate is still unconfirmed

In 2001 an elderly couple chartered a small plane on the pretext of having sex in the sky. While flying, they tried to hijack the plane & force the pilot to fly to Cuba, which cause the plane to crash. They were the only people on board to die in the crash.

A NJ man involved in a murder in 1962, was sent to prison, escaped, hijacked a plane, took a large ransom and flew to Algeria. He was caught in Portugal as a fugitive 40 years later where they refused to extradite him to the US, stating he was now a Portuguese citizen. He's still a free a man

After D.B. Cooper's hijacking, flight crew claimed that he was very calm and kind. After he hijacked the plane with a bomb threat, he ordered a drink, paid the tab, and even tipped the flight attendant. Cooper also offered to request meals for crew members as part of his ransom request.

Some of the fighter jets that were scrambled during the September 11th attacks took to the air without live ammunition. These pilots knew full well that to prevent the hijackers from striking their intended targets, they might have to intercept and crash their fighters into the hijacked planes.

Mary Dohey, a flight attended who saved the lives of over 200 people when a potential bomber hijacked a plane. Over the course of 8 hours she managed to convince the hijacker to release every passenger on the plane, turning down her own release out of concern for her fellow crew members.

Allen Funt, the creator of Candid Camera, was on a flight that got hijacked by two men who diverted it to Cuba. None of the passengers believed it was a true hijacking because he was on the plane.

Miloslav Hrabinec, a Czech migrant who hijacked a plane in order to commit suicide by parachuting into a remote location & surviving for as long as he could before killing himself.

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