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Human Evolution solves the same problem in different ways. Native Early peoples adapted to high altitudes differently: In the Andes, their hearts got stronger, in Tibet their blood carries oxygen more efficiently.

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Deceased Tibetan Buddhists are given a “sky burial” in which the body is folded in half, walked to the burial site on someone’s back, and then dismembered and fed to vultures. There is no wood for a cremation, and the ground is too hard to dig due to the high altitude they live in.

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  1. In 2016, Capt Bertrand Piccard was the first person to fly around the world in a plane powered entirely by the sun; 25k miles w/o a drop of fuel. His great uncle, Jean Felix Piccard, was a high-altitude balloonist and inspired Gene Roddenberry to create the STNG character Capt Jean-Luc Picard.

  2. The Sun is actually white. Viewed from space or a high altitude, it appears as its true color white. Whereas viewed from a low altitude, atmospheric rendering makes it appear to be what we believe as yellow.

  3. Digital cameras are often shipped by sea rather than by air because the increase in gamma rays at high altitudes can fry some of the pixels on the sensors. This issue was experienced while filming Superman Returns.

  4. Nike founded and oversees an ultra-elite running group, with state of the art equipment such as underwater treadmills, and whose athletes live in a specially designed house where filters remove oxygen so the athletes develop more red blood cells in a simulated high-altitude environment.

  5. Photoflash bombs existed. Dropped by reconnaissance aircraft, these 100lb bombs created a blinding 500,000,000 candlepower burst of light, enabling nighttime aerial reconnaissance photography from high-altitude

  6. Winston Churchill had an oxygen mask made for him for flying in high altitude airplanes during WWII that was customized to allow him to smoke cigars through a hole in the mask.

  7. Flight attendants hate serving Diet Coke because at the high altitude it takes up to three times longer for its fizz to settle than for other soft drinks.

  8. Bumblebees hold the insect record for high altitude flying. They have been discovered on Mt. Everest at more than 5,600-meters above sea level, and flew successfully in a flight chamber which recreated the thin air of 9,000-meters.

  9. About Ruppell’s griffon vultures which can fly at over 37,000 ft high, higher than the altitude of an average airplane

  10. "Arsenic Eaters" - a group of Austrians who ingested doses far beyond the lethal dose of arsenic trioxide without any apparent harm. They used to eat up small doses initially and gradually built up to 300-400mg as a mithridate to help enable strenuous work at high altitudes in the Alps

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high altitude fact data chart about I released a high altitude balloon into stratosphere with Ge
I released a high altitude balloon into stratosphere with Geiger–Müller counter and measured this interesting graph- radiation dose equivalent vs altitude. The first peak is caused

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The reason birds can fly at such high altitudes is because their respiratory system allows them to inhale and exhale at the same time, significantly increasing it's efficiency.

Project Mogul was a US Airforce secret project to detect nuclear test acoustically with microphones mounted on high altitude balloons. When one such balloon crashed in Roswell, NM in 1947, they covered it up by saying it was a weather balloon. - source

You can safely land a helicopter from high altitude without engine power. - source

In 1942, hundreds of skeletons were found around an obscure high altitude lake in India. The skeletons were the remains of a 9th century AD party killed by a freak hail storm.

Oxygen deprivation worsens depression, which has caused Colorado Springs, CO (with its high altitude) to become the second most suicidal city in the U.S. - source

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The British RAF filled their reserve fuel tanks with beer in order to quench the thirst of troops at the front lines in WWII. They were called "beer bombs" and the high altitude kept the beer cold en route.

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about the death spiral. It's when two eagles soar up to high altitude, lock talons, and tumble and cartwheel toward Earth They let go before reaching the ground, it is part of a mating ritual

Gasping for air in a high altitude environment, plus UV light reflecting off snow will cause the roof of your mouth to get sunburnt.

The largest nuclear test conducted in outer space. Starfish Prime, a July 9, 1962 high-altitude nuclear test conducted by the United States was launched from Johnston Island. The resulting EMP damage shut down communications, street lights and set off burglar alarms in the Hawaiian islands.

During WWII American pilots found a way to manufacture ice cream on board. They would “place prepared ice-cream mixture in a large can and anchor it to the rear gunner's compartment of a Flying Fortress. It is well shaken up and nicely frozen by flying over enemy territory at high altitudes."

Dzo has low pulmonary artery pressure which prevents pulmonary hypertension when this animal inhales thin (rarefied) air on the high altitudes. Only few animals have this trait.

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The USSR built a prototype amphibious plane to hunt American submarines. It could take off vertically, sail on water, fly at high-altitude, land on runways or water and would eventually have used 'ground effect' to travel.

When you detonate an atomic bomb in space or with a very high altitude, all of the electrons get set free causing a very powerful EMP explosion. It temporarily disabled technology on Earth from almost 10,000 km away

Guanaco has four times more red blood cells than humans. This is specific adaptation to the life at high altitude with low level of oxygen in the air.

As an airplane flies higher in the sky the air density and air pressure decreases. Airplanes and jets that fly at high altitudes must be pressurized to account for these changes.

WW2 pilot Marine Lieutenant R. R. Klingman, scored a kill with his F4 Corsair by chopping off the tail of a Japanese fighter with his own propeller when his machine guns froze due to high altitude. He landed safely missing 5 inches off of the end of his propeller blades.

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When bald eagles begin their mating rituals, the male and female will fly to high altitudes, lock talons and begin to free fall to the earth only to separate before hitting the ground.

The German Stuka dive bombers, which were so successful against ground troops in previous battles, suffered high casualties due to their low speed and were phased out after the first month. The Germans relied on high altitude level bombers for most of the remainder of the battle.

NASA received 3 of the SR-71s after their retirement for high-altitude aeronautical research. One was returned back to USAF for reactivation and the other two were retired later to museums.

One of the popular tourist activities in Cotopaxi National Park is climbing to the summit of Cotopaxi Volcano. Despite looking extremely high it is only about an 8 to 10 hour climb for someone in good shape. Those who wish to climb to the summit must acclimate to the higher altitude to avoid getting sick.

Outer space exploration began with high altitude balloons.

There are some specimens of yareta that are estimated to be 3,000 years old (an evergreen perennial native to South America that grows in high altitudes)

La Rinconada, Peru, the highest town on Earth, lies at an altitude of almost 17,000 ft (5000 m), nearly as high as Everest Base Camp. It has no infrastructure, and miners receive no pay except for being allowed to keep the gold they find on the last day of each month.

Mountain grown coffee is considered better/richer because the harsh conditions of high altitude slow the beans maturation resulting in a higher concentrate of sugars

The practice of glacier growing takes place in the Himalaya regions aimed at creating small new glaciers to increase water supply for crops. Farmers acquire ice from naturally occurring glaciers, and carry it to high altitude areas where the ice is put inside a small cave dug out in a slope.

The Argentina Football Team gave its players Viagra to help combat high altitudes when it played against Bolivia in La Paz, which is 3640m above sea level.

Twice a day, every day of the year, weather balloons equipped with sensors and transmitter are released simultaneously from almost 900 locations worldwide. They burst after reaching high enough altitude.

about "Deaf Flights" of the 1920's. A deaf person would be taken up to high altitudes in an airplane, often doing terrifying tricks, in an effort to "cure" the deafness.

We are still in an Ice Age, although an inter-glacial period of it. In 50000 years we will return to a glacial period of the same Ice Age. Non-Ice Age periods actually have no ice coverage, even at high altitudes.

The company Loon provides internet access to remote areas by placing high-altitude balloons in the stratosphere to create an aerial wireless network with up to 4G-LTE speeds.

Gerald Bull, who was given a 16-inch test gun by the Navy, ran Project HARP (High Altitude Research Project) from a field in Barbados.The goal was to test super high altitude projectiles. In 1966, the HARP gun fired a projectile to 112 miles high, a world record that still stands.

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