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Conan O'Brien, as President of The Harvard Lampoon, was arrested for stealing a shipment of The Harvard Crimson. The Crimson editor at the time was Jeff Zucker, who would later become President and CEO of NBC and make the ultimate decision that gave O'Brien's Tonight Show back to Jay Leno.

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A 1968 college football game between Harvard and Yale ended in a 29-29 tie, but the next day the Harvard Crimson ran the headline "Harvard Beats Yale 29-29," as Yale had been so heavily favored that the tie was viewed as a de facto victory. The actor Tommy Lee Jones played on the Harvard team.

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  1. Early in American football, one coach had football-shaped leather patches sewn onto his team's jerseys creating the illusion of a field full of ball carriers. When this trick was tried against Harvard, they countered by painting all the balls crimson, making them invisible against their jerseys

  2. The Harvard-Yale football game of November 23, 1968. Harvard was the underdog and scored 16 points in the final 42 seconds, forcing a tie. The Harvard Crimson famously reported "Harvard Beats Yale, 29-29".

  3. Until the late 1970s the Harvard Faculty Club served horse steaks as a regular menu item. The dish was abandoned when the rerouting of Harvard Square traffic meant the delivery truck could no longer get through. A 1998 Harvard Crimson article said "professors still recall the dish fondly."

  4. The University of Mississippi's (Ole Miss) school colors are Harvard crimson and Yale blue

  5. One Facebook prototype was a network called "Six Degrees to Harry Lewis", started by Mark Zuckerberg after he took Lewis’s theoretical computer science course. The site linked names across various Harvard Crimson news story, and was so-named because Lewis served as “the maximum degree node”.

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