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During the first gulf war in 1990, NBC delayed the start time to the Tonight Show by 5 minutes, to give their affiliates more time to cover the conflict. Once local stations had those 5 precious minutes, they never gave them back. This is why all late night shows in the US start at 11:35 pm.

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About Gulf War Illness: Over 1/3 of the veterans that served in the Gulf War experience the same horrendous symptoms, all caused by chemicals the US chose to expose them to. 7,424 of 7,845 claims of GW veterans were denied between 1994 and 1996 - and it's still hard for them to get a diagnosis.

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  1. The US cancelled $16.5 billion of Poland's foreign debt as a reward for for a top secret Polish intelligence operation that extracted 6 CIA operatives from Iraq just before the Gulf War. Several countries refused to help in such a dangerous operation; only Poland agreed to help

  2. In 1990, a 15 year old girl testified before Congress, describing how Iraqi soldiers killed babies in a Kuwaiti hospital. This helped stir US favor for the Gulf War. The girl was later found to be the daughter of a Kuwaiti ambassador, and her story fabricated by American PR firm Hill & Knowlton

  3. In the 90's, a major testimony about horrific acts committed by Iraqi troops, including infanticide, was fabricated in order to gain support for the first gulf war.

  4. Congressional approval for the first Gulf War was effected by the testimony of a Kuwaiti nurse who claimed to have witnessed Iraqi soldiers pulling babies out of incubators and throwing them on the floor to die. This never happened. The nurse was not a nurse. She was coached by a PR firm.

  5. During the Gulf War when American forces were faced with extensive trenches of Iraqi soldiers they "opted to use anti-mine plows mounted on tanks and combat earthmovers to simply plow over and bury alive the defending Iraqi soldiers."

  6. During the run-up to the Gulf War, Muhammad Ali travelled to Iraq and personally secured the release of 15 American hostages being detained by Saddam Hussein, despite the US Government and press condemning the mission and Ali as 'another egomaniacal celebrity out of his depth'.

  7. The First Gulf War (in 1991) technically never ended — there was just a cease-fire. The UK used this legal loophole to justify entering the Second Gulf War (in 2003).

  8. The Phil Donahue show was cancelled by MSNBC three weeks before the invasion of Iraq. Donahue had previously lost support after he expressed his feelings regarding the first Gulf War. General Electric who owned MSNBC at the time was also a major defense contractor removed the show and fired him

  9. During the first Gulf War, the Iraqi military would dispense propaganda pamphlets and radio spots aimed at US soldiers that said that while they were in Iraq fighting "their wives were in bed with Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, and Bart Simpson" back at home...

  10. During the Winter War of 1939-1940, Russian tanks and infantry attempted to flank Vyborg by crossing the frozen Gulf of Finland. When Finnish forces were alerted, they fired 12” coastal batteries into the ice. Entire Russian companies disappeared.

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The US entered the Vietnam War after an American naval ship was attacked by the North Vietnamese in the Gulf of Tonkin... except the attack never happened. There wasn't even a North Vietnamese ship in the area.

During the first Gulf War the United States used bulldozers in an assault on entrenched Iraqi soldiers, burying between 80-250 people alive. - source

A prankster, who, in 1976 used curtains to cover up the letters in "Hollywood" to "Hollyweed," the day the state's relaxed marijuana law took effect. Also, that Easter he made the sign into "Holywood," and in 1990 made it to "Oilwar," to make a political statement against the Gulf War. - source

Disney's Aladdin was originally set in Baghdad. Director John Musker: "We kept it Baghdad in our first treatment, and then the Gulf War happened—the first Gulf War. Roy Disney said, 'This can't be in Baghdad.' So, I took letters and did a jumbled anagram and came up with Agrabah."

Nayirah testimony in which a girl claimed to have seen babies taken out of incubators by Iraqi invaders was a propaganda stunt made to recieve public support for USA's participation in the Gulf War. - source

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Saddam Hussein's regime genocided an entire race of 500,000 people known as the "Marsh Arabs" after the Persian Gulf War by literally destroying the environment that their entire civilation was built upon, building 32 dams to turn their homes and farms into desert.

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At the end of the Gulf War, 20 people died in Kuwait due to falling bullets from celebratory gunfire.

During the 1991 Gulf War, 12 American M1A1 Tanks destroyed 28 Iraqi tanks, 16 personnel carriers, and 30 vehicles in less than 30 minutes.

Jamaican rapper Shaggy, famous for his hit "It Wasn't Me," served as a US Marine in Operation Desert Storm during the First Persian Gulf War.

There is a Gameboy that survived a barracks bombing during the Gulf War. It stills works to this day.

People in Kuwait celebrated the end of the first Gulf War by firing weapons into the air. 20 Kuwaitis died from bullets falling from the sky.

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Shaggy served with a firing battery from the 10th Marine Regiment during the Gulf War. Shaggy perfected his signature singing voice in the Marine Corps and it is also where he got the inspiration for his song "Boombastic"

250,000 of the 697,000 U.S. veterans who served in the 1991 Gulf War are afflicted with a chronic unknown illness causing fatigue, muscle pain, cognitive problems, rashes and diarrhea.

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As American involvement in Vietnam progressed and the casualties increased, Americans grew weary of the war and questioned the constitutionality and virtues of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.

President Nixon" view on the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution were nuanced. He won the presidency partially by appealing to Middle America to end the war. He began pulling troops out of Vietnam, but also expanded bombings into Laos and Cambodia.

The song "Rock the Casbah" by British band The Clash was the first song to played on the Armed Forces Radio in the Gulf War. It was an anthem for soldiers serving during the war. This angered members of The Clash.

More National Guard soldiers were sent to the Gulf War from Tennessee than from any other U.S. state.

Using the wrong units led to the death of 28 American soldiers. An American missile failed to intercept an Iraqi missile in the Gulf War as it's program sometimes used binary and other times decimal to indicate time.

In 2003 the Gulf War began.

Saddam spilled between 2 million and 6 million barrels of oil in the Persian gulf during the Gulf war, creating a slick 101 miles (160 km) by 42 miles (68 km) and 5 inches (13 cm) thick in some areas. It has never been cleaned up.

When Saddam Hussein ordered the surrender of all foreigners during the Persian Gulf War diplomat Joe Wilson told him "If the choice is to allow American citizens to be taken hostage or to be executed, I will bring my own fucking rope."

Both the American and Japanese navies were led by multiple admirals, but neither force had a unified command, which led to problems for both.

In the Gulf War (1991), new pregnancies among US military personnel outnumbered US combat deaths by 8 to 1.

Jim Morrison's father commanded the US Navy fleet during the controversial Gulf of Tonkin incident, which resulted in the United States' rapid escalation of the Vietnam War

The famous Exxon Valdez was only listed as the 54th largest spill in history in 1989, the largest being the Gulf War oil fires in 1991 by a large margin

The United States has a weapon called a "Graphite Bomb", Its fillaments were hundredths of an inch thick and can float in the air like a dense cloud, They could disable electronics and were used successfully in the Gulf War against Iraq and again against Serbia.

After the Gulf War, American fast food companies began aggressive marketing and expansion in Kuwait. Today Kuwait is the fattest country in the world, with over 70% of the population being overweight or obese.

The longest ever recorded tank-on-tank kill shot was shot from 5,100 meters or over 3 miles away by a British Challenger 1 battle-tank during the Persian Gulf War

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