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When New Horizons flew past Jupiter the gravity assist created by the planet increased its speed by 9,000 mph.

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It is calculated that a flyby mission could take around 16 years using a gravity assist from Jupiter.

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  1. A NASA spacecraft named JUNO was launched from Florida in 2011, traveled past the orbit of Mars, flew all the way back to Earth for a slingshot gravity assist in 2013, and then sailed at high speed toward Jupiter—where it will arrive on July 4, 2016.

  2. Using a planet's gravity assist to accelerate spacecraft slightly slows the rotation of the planet.

  3. The Voyager spacecraft gravity assist swing-bys slowed Jupiter down down enough that in one trillion years the planet will have travelled one inch shorter in its orbit

  4. A young graduate student with no experience in astrodynamics, invented a new form of space propulsion using gravity assist.

  5. The first commercial lunar operations technically happened in 1998: a communications satellite, mistakenly launched into an unusable orbit without enough fuel to correct it directly, was salvaged by instead flying by the moon for a gravity assist

  6. In 2014 man landed a spacecraft on a comet and used gravity assist to slingshot it's way

  7. Gravity assists, or "Gravitational Slingshots" which can be used to propel a spacecraft for interplanetary travel, were first theorized in 1919.

  8. The current far future timeline of humankind includes an astroengineering project to alter the Earth's orbit by repeated asteroid gravity assists to compensate for the Sun's increasing brightness and outward migration of the habitable zone within a period of a billion years from now.

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