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In 1970 Jimmy Carter let a prisoner convicted of murder obtain a work release to serve as a maid at the governor’s mansion. He was so impressed, when he was elected president in 1976 he volunteered to be her parole officer & let her continue working at the White House. She was later exonerated.

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When William Langer, Governor of North Dakota, was convicted of a felony and ordered to be removed from office, he chose instead to declare North Dakota independent, declare martial law, and barricade himself within the Governor's mansion. Two years later, he was re-elected.

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  1. Convicted of a felony in 1934; the Governor of North Dakota barricaded himself in the Governor's Mansion, declared Martial Law, and declared North Dakota an Independent State

  2. Joseph Desha, Governor of Kentucky, pardoned his son for murder, attacked the Kentucky Court System, removed a University President for not being religious enough, flagrantly violated the rules of the legislature, and when his term ended he refused to vacate the Governors Mansion at first

  3. The governor of Oklahoma's daughter used to live in a trailer parked on the governor's mansion's grounds

  4. Alabama has a Governor's beach mansion that has been abandoned since 1997.

  5. The elected governor of New Jersey receives a mansion in Princeton called Drumthwacket for the length of their term.

  6. Work began on Nashville's Greek style War Memorial Building and Auditorium in 1921 to honor Tennessee’s military men and women. In order to acquire enough land to build this structure, the Governor had to acquire and demolish a block of elegant old homes, including the first governor’s mansion

  7. Arkansas civil rights activist Robert McIntosh hung himself on a cross set up outside of the Governor’s Mansion in order to protest the administration’s racism. When Governor White was asked why there was a man hanging outside of his house, he simply responded, “He displeased me.”

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