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Judas has his own Gospel written in Coptic Language, which provides another perspective of the infamous biblical villain (Repost)

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The Gospel of Judas, in which Judas is described as the most faithful apostle by following Jesus' request to betray him.

The thirteenth apostle what the gospel of judas really says?

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  1. That, according to the gnostic Gospel of Judas, Judas Iscariot was the sole disciple that understood Jesus's teachings and was told by Jesus to betray him.

  2. In apocryphal gospel by Bartholomew, after dying on a cross, Jesus descended to hell, and saved everyone but Judas, Cain, and Herod

  3. In 2006 the Gospel of Judas was restored, authenticated, and translated after being lost for 1700 years. It tells a story of Jesus wanted be freed from his mortal body, so he asked his best friend Judas to betray him

  4. there is a Gnostic Gospel of Judas

  5. A 2006 discovery of a Christian gospel actually vindicates Judas. Jesus asked Judas to betray him to authorities so that he may rid his spirit of his body.

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