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A few days before delivering the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln saw John Wilkes Booth perform as a villain in a play at Ford's Theatre. Someone told Lincoln, "He almost seems to be reciting these lines to you." To which Lincoln replied, "He does talk very sharp at me, doesn't he?"

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Bill O'Reilly's book "Killing Lincoln" isn't sold at Ford's Theatre because it is "riddled with inaccuraccies"

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  1. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln was in the audience of a play in the newly opened Ford's Theatre. One actor, John Wilkes Booth, reportedly pointed at Lincoln while delivering a scathing line of dialouge, to which Lincon's sister-in-law replied, "Mr. Lincoln, he looks as if he meant that for you."

  2. On the night of Abraham Lincoln's assassination at the Ford Theatre in 1865, Ulysses was supposed to be in attendance but had to decline because he and Julia were to visit their children in New Jersey.

  3. John Wilkes Booth learned that Abraham Lincoln was scheduled to attend a performance of Our American Cousin in Washington, D.C. on April 14th at the Ford Theatre.

  4. In in 1956 a man who witnessed the Lincoln assassination in Ford's Theatre was a guest on a television game show.

  5. Abraham Lincoln, 3 days prior and leading up to his death, dreamed of him being assassinated for 3 nights straight and often told his guard of his distress about it. When leaving for Ford's Theatre on the night of his death, "he said goodbye instead of goodnight".

  6. Lincoln watched John Wilkes Booth act in Ford's Theatre -- before John Wilkes Booth assasinated Lincoln in Fords Theatre

  7. The Michigan Theatre in Detroit, the theater they built a parking garage inside, is on the site Henry Ford built his first car.

  8. What really happened at the Ford Theatre on April 14, 1865

  9. Walt Whitman was in Ford's Theatre the night Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, and wrote a detailed first hand account of the night's events.

  10. Toronto's One Little Goat Theatre Company staged an adaptation of Ubu Roi (a parody of Macbeth) around Rob Ford and his brother

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In 1893 the interior of Ford's Theatre collapsed killing 22 federal employees working inside

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